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London, 15 Feb 2010:  In preparation for the 2nd Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM2), taking place in Abu Dhabi on April 6-7, The United Arab Emirates (UAE), in cooperation with the United States (US) Department of Energy and the United Kingdom’s (UK) Department of Energy and Climate Change, has chaired a two day Preparatory meeting in London. 

CEM 2 will bring Ministers from the world’s largest economies to the UAE, to discuss the progress made under the 11 initiatives launched at the first Clean Energy Ministerial in Washington DC last July.
The CEM initiatives were built upon the Technology Action Plans that were released by the Major Economies Forum Global Partnership in December 2009, which laid out best practice blueprints for action in key technology areas.
In the preparatory meeting in London, the participants of the CEM discussed the progress of the initiatives and set the agenda for the upcoming Ministerial meeting in Abu Dhabi. The UAE is participating in select initiatives that span all three of the global climate and energy policy goals of CEM, which aims to improve energy efficiency worldwide through the Global Energy Efficiency Challenge, enhance clean energy supply, and expand clean energy access.
Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, United Arab Emirates Special Envoy for Energy and Climate Change and Chief Executive Officer of Masdar said: “Given the UAE’s leadership in developing and deploying clean energy technologies and its innovative and leading position in advancing renewable energy policies, the UAE was invited by these major economies to actively participate in the CEM meetings. We see this as a natural progression in realizing the vision of our forward thinking leadership towards fostering a transition to a global clean energy economy.”
“As a major hydrocarbon producing nation and leader in clean energy, the UAE’s active participation in helping drive the CEM process forward reflects the confidence of these major economies in our commitment to working together with other governments and stakeholders to promote policies and programs that advance clean energy technology while cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
The Government of the UAE has made significant strides in becoming a key player in the implementation of renewable energy policies and technologies through demonstrable steps including the inception of the Masdar Initiative, a multifaceted renewable energy initiative based in Abu Dhabi. The UAE has also established the Directorate of Energy and Climate Change within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a direct result of its winning bid to host the Headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in 2009.
David Sandalow, Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Affairs at the US Department of Energy, said: “We appreciate the leadership of the UAE in hosting the second Clean Energy Ministerial in Abu Dhabi. This meeting can reinforce the growing global momentum in building a clean energy future.”
Of the 11 initiatives, the UAE is participating in 4 including, Clean Energy Solutions Center, Carbon Capture Use and Storage Action Group, Multilateral Working Group on Wind and Solar Technologies, and the Clean Energy Education and Empowerment Women’s Initiative (C3E).
The C3E women’s initiative, which was launched with the support of the UAE along with 7 other governments aims to inspire the next generation of young women clean energy leaders through opportunities to connect with peers and role models who have risen to the top of the field. The C3E initiative also aims to support talented young women in pursuing clean energy-related studies and to provide real-life, hands-on experience through team research opportunities in partnership with leading academic institutions and industry.
Ministers at the 2nd Clean Energy Ministerial are expected to discuss the progress of several of the 11 initiatives, with a focus on clean energy supply; clean energy demand; transportation; along with education and information. They will also come together with private sector and other stakeholders from across the globe in order to build an ever more effective coalition to advance clean energy.
In 2012, the 3rd Clean Energy Ministerial will be  hosted by the UK.. Dr. Will Cavendish, Director-General, International Energy and Climate Change, Department of Energy and Climate Change of the UK said: “We look forward to the meeting in Abu Dhabi, and to continuing our close cooperation with the UAE as we work towards a successful meeting in London next year.”
Governments participating in Clean Energy Ministerial initiatives include Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, the European Commission, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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