Thursday, February 17, 2011

101.3 GOLD FM to be the first Malayalam radio to broadcast the ICC World Cup Live in UAE

Dubai: 14th February, 2011: The Channel 4 Radio Network is pleased to announce that their

Malayalam Radio Station, Gold FM will be exclusively bringing in live radio coverage of the

upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup in the Middle East and North Africa. The Channel 2 Group

audio platform CricketRadio powered by Channel 4 Radio Network will broadcast the matches

live and exclusive from the respective venues to millions of cricket crazy fans across the MENA

region and other countries. Channel 2 holds the rights for audio stream services across all

mediums including the internet and mobile platforms till 2015.

Commenting on the partnership with Channel 4 Radio Network, Mr. Ajay Sethi, Chairman & MD

Channel 2 Group said: “We are delighted to choose Channel 4 Radio Network as our broadcast

partner for the ICC CWC 2011. Channel 4 Radio Network brings to our alliance a strategic

advantage of reaching out to a large, diverse and a very international listener franchise.

Channel 4 Radio has a very strong network and reaches out to the English, Asian and Malayalam

population across the region. In terms of listener penetration, Channel 4 Radio Network

remains an unmatched platform, therefore an opportunity for Cricket Radio to reach to a much

wider audience.”

Commenting on Channel 4 Radio Network’s tie-up with Cricket Radio Mr. Abdulla Mohammed

Al Murad, Chairman of Al Murad Group said: “Cricket Radio is a unique initiative that is

associated with some of the biggest names in cricket in terms of commentary. People like Kapil

Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Clive Lloyd are the living legends of the game, who with their knowledge of

the game and their stature taking the broadcast stream of cricket to a different level altogether.

Through this partnership, we intend to raise the level of excitement and involvement of our

listeners in this exciting clash of 14 cricketing nations.”

Welcoming the alliance Mr. Campbell Jamieson, GM Commercial, ICC said: “We are delighted

at the prospect of two strong platforms-Channel 2 Group and Channel 4 Radio Network

partnering together to create a bigger platform for the game of cricket. Cricket will certainly

benefit from this alliance and so will the millions of listeners across the region. Radio is one of

the strongest media in this region and cricket fans are in for some great action.”

Legendary cricketer and one of the main architects of India’s victory in 1983 World Cup, Mr.

Kapil Dev, in town to express his support to Cricket Radio said: “Stations like Cricket Radio

that are completely dedicated to the game are an important medium to further raise the

popularity of the game. I am impressed by the quality of the content. Cricket Radio manages to

convey that tension, excitement and triumph that is so intrinsically associated with the game of


Thanking Mr Kapil Dev for his presence and further elaborating on Channel 2 Groups other

alliances Mr. Sethi said: “In India, we have tied up with Reliance Communications to provide

live commentary of the 2011 World Cup over mobile phones in India and globally. Through

our presence across media and our partnerships, we intend to take the game of cricket to the

classes as well as the masses across the world.”

About Channel 4 Radio Network

Channel 4 Radio Network was launched in June 1997 and remains the first ever commercial
radio network in the United Arab Emirates. Our brands are at the heart of what we do
broadcasting to the widest range of target audiences, nationalities and income groups with our
portfolio of 5 stations in the UAE: 104.8 Channel 4, Coast 103.2, 89.1 Radio 4FM, 107.8 Al Rabia
FM, Gold 101.3 FM. Channel 4 Radio Network is operated by Ajman Independent Studios LLC, a
part of the Al Murad Group of Companies. For more details, visit:


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