Monday, June 1, 2009

UAE University students visit DM coastal projects

Dubai Municipality received a student delegation from the UAE University that included twenty students from the Faculty of Engineering to get a brief on the functions of the Coastal Zone & Waterways Management Section in the municipality as it's the Dubai's concerned body in this field.

Eng. Alya AbdelRahim al Harmoudi, Head of Coastal Zone & Waterways Management Section, gave a presentation on the work programs of the Section to monitor and control the coastal area and study the coastal phenomena and their impact on the marine environment.

She also talked about the coastal protection projects, indicating the leading role adopted by the Dubai Municipality in the management of the region's coastal areas and in maintaining them through the adoption of the concept of integrated coastal zone management, and by enacting laws and legislations governing the work in this geographical area.

Al Harmoudi pointed out that the municipality has adopted international best practices in the area of coastal surveillance by launching several initiatives based on the employment of modern techniques and systems used worldwide in the monitoring of environmental and coastal phenomena, for example, the use of radars in the high frequency measuring the characteristics of surface waves and currents.

She also took the students for a field trip to the coastal protection projects implemented in Jumeirah, where the methodology is demonstrated through the development of coastal protection projects in Dubai, depending on the predictive modelling techniques in order to preserve the environment from coastal erosion and erosion caused by seasonal storms and leading to the loss of coastal areas of recreational value, as well as the threat of facilities and infrastructure nearby.

She explained to the students the different types of coastal protection structures such as wave breakers and rock protection facilities and periodic maintenance as well as methods used for the rehabilitation of beaches to protect and preserve them.

Al Harmoudi said hosting the students is in the context of Dubai Municipality's keenness to strengthen cooperation with academic institutions and in implementation of the policies and efforts of the Municipality to activate the channels of communication with the various community groups, pointing out that the Section puts the bulk of its expertise to serve the students, as its hosts periodically student delegations from various academic institutions.

She stated that the labour market in the country suffers from the lack of specialized skills in this area in spite of the huge coastal and marine projects in all Emirates.

Al Harmoudi called for higher education institutions in region to build and develop programs and support the academic disciplines of coastal and marine engineering, and the need to raise awareness among university students and the scientific community about the importance of this vital field.

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