Monday, June 15, 2009

Dubai Municipality updates strategic plan 2010 -2014

Since the beginning of 2009 Dubai Municipality has been conducting several workshops and meetings to update its strategic plan for 2010 -2014 in accordance with the period approved for updating and also in line with the updating of the Dubai Strategic Plan.
The updating process include taking advantage of all the results of the implementation of strategic objectives and results of the analysis of internal and external studies, including the opinion of employees, partners, customers, suppliers and the community around municipal services and their aspirations and needs, to formulate goals and objectives that reflect these aspirations and to identify priorities for the implementation of projects and initiatives, programs and budgets for implementation, taking into account the changes and the continuing growth of the work of the municipality.
The Corporate Excellence Department at Dubai Municipality recently organized a number of internal workshops on the updating of the Strategic Plan 2010 -2014, which was participated by all the municipality leadership including the Director General, his assistants and directors of departments.
Eng. Mariam Al Hammadi, Director of Corporate Excellence Department said these workshops were aimed at the leadership as a first phase to get their consent in identifying the most salient points of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges and identifying their priorities in addressing the points contained in the analysis of the internal and external environment that affect the work of the Municipality.
Al Hammadi also noted that the workshops will be held again during the coming period for the same purpose to target the second row of the leaders and employees.
"Meetings will also be held with various strategic partners, customers and suppliers of the Municipality as well as community members in order to identify their priorities and coordinate with them to develop a strategic plan to meet all their needs according to priorities agreed with," she said.

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