Monday, June 29, 2009

DM Assets Management Dept organizes blood donation drive

The Assets Management Department of Dubai Municipality organized a blood donation campaign in collaboration with Al Wasl Hospital Blood Bank at its premises in Abu Hail. The campaign, held during the official working hours, saw tremendous response from the employees from various departments of the Municipality.

Khalifa Hareb, Director of Assets Management Department said that the organization of the campaign was a reiteration of the importance of its contribution in the service of society.

He said it was also part of the keenness of the officials from Dubai Municipality to support the humanitarian principles, helping the needy, and assisting efforts of the country’s blood banks to provide blood in emergency and for saving lives.
Hareb explained that blood donation contributes to many health benefits such as revitalizing bone marrow to form new blood cells, stimulating the heart muscle and blood circulation and thus reduce the incidence of heart disease and stroke among donors.

"It also helps the reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol, and is also a cure for the high proportion of blood in smokers accompanied by headache and dizziness," he said.
"In addition to the health benefits there are great humanitarian benefits that contribute to filling the need for blood for Thalassemia patients every three to four weeks, and many cases of diseases such as bleeding and heart open, and others," Hareb added.
The doctors say there are the conditions and advices for donating blood. The donor's age should be between 18 and 65 years, should be in good health, should not be taking any medicines by mouth or needles, the weight of the donor should be at least 50 kg for women and 60 kg for men, and the proportion of haemoglobin should be less than 13.5 grams for men and less than 12 grams for women.
The donor should not have suffered from any disease such as pulmonary diseases, tuberculosis, malaria and hepatitis during the last six months and, finally, must not have donated blood during the past three months, and for women that are not in the menstrual cycle, pregnancy or lactation.

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