Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has honoured employees who participated in the Dubai Government Excellence Programme (DGEP), SMART and Hawafez programmes.

DTCM Director General Mr. Khalid A bin Sulayem presented certificates, prizes and mementos to the winners at a ceremony held at the DTCM Head Office and attended by senior officials and staff members.

Mr. Ibrahim Yaqoot, DTCM Executive Director Corporate Support, said among those who were felicitated were seven employees who were rewarded and nominated for the DGEP’s 2008 edition.

These were in the categories of Unknown Soldier, Distinguished Government Employee, Distinguished Female Employee, Distinguished Financial Employee, Distinguished Administrative Employee, Creative Employee, Distinguished New Employee and Distinguished Management Initiative.

Also honoured were winners of Hawafez programme in the categories of Best employee, Distinguished Supervisor, Distinguished Supporting Employee, Best Customer Services and Best Team. The ceremony was also utilized to honour 11 employees for the SMART scheme along with two people who provided valuable suggestions under the programme.

Mr. bin Sulayem also honoured 29 employees for their outstanding performance during the year 2008.

The Suggestion Scheme, SMART, allows all DTCM employees and even general public to make suggestions about any sphere of activity relating to the department regardless of their nationality or position including suggestions to enhance services. Hawafez is an in-house incentives scheme for employees which recognize their excellent performance and hard work. DGEP represents an effective integrated tool for the development of Dubai government sector in order to excel in its performance, services, results and professional activities.

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