Sunday, June 14, 2009

Executive Lunch Service in Dubai from NMC Group

Dubai, June 11, 2009: Corporate Executives faced with diverse demands on their time, are finding that the traditional concept of the midday meal is being eroded, often replaced with abbreviated on-the-go occasions or skipped altogether. Too often a quick lunch around the office includes a bag of fast food, or the break room becomes a collection of leftover junk food.
Lunch is very important in the context of the working day. It’s content, as well as whether it is consumed, has an impact on consumers' health and wellness, influencing afternoon productivity and concentration. Skipping has been connected to falls in productivity, but over-eating can also be detrimental to afternoon function
Now we have a healthier alternative to the current ‘lunch on the run’ shelf stable convenience foods.
Thankfully, The Food & Beverage Team of Lotus Hospitality is teaming up with their expert culinary chef’s to launch its new creation “Biz Bites”. Finally here is the team making more healthy and tasty choices available to make casual eating and lunch ordering experiences as quick and convenient as possible
Biz-Bites helps you save a bundle on food costs and also save time. Instead of going out for an hour, struggling for a parking space and waiting in crowded eating areas, you can basically eat in 10 to 15 minutes and catch up on some news in the comfort of your workplace.
Created and packed in HACCP Certified Kitchens, you can now opt for a "better-for-you" hygienic, healthy and tasty Biz-bites lunch served at your office desk in hygienic microwavable containers. Extra care is taken by the Chefs, Hygiene Officer and the service team of Lotus Hospitality to ensure that every meal is prepared and packed in the most hygienic conditions.
What more?? You even have cutleries and crockery for you to enjoy a convenient, neat and organized lunch.
Biz Bites offers five cuisines to choose from Continental / Arabic / Chinese / Thai and North / South Indian.
All this at an affordable price of just AED.18.00 for Vegetarians and AED.20.00 for Non Vegetarians
Biz Bites meals could also be ordered for Celebrations, Inaugural functions and Office Conferences.
So, it’s great news for all those office goers to just make a phone call, sit back and relax for the Biz Bites to be served at your office desk.
For bookings and orders of Biz Bites one need to call Lotus Boutique Hotel on 04 – 273 5555 and let us take good care of you!

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