Monday, June 15, 2009

Mercator launches new passenger services IT solution; Kuwait Airways the first to embrace Jupiter with immediate implementation

Dubai, U.A.E., 16th June 2009 – Mercator, the Dubai-based business technology provider has recently introduced Jupiter, its new passenger services package, into the marketplace.

Mercator's continuous programme of developments and enhancements to their current products has created this new combined solution, which includes a consolidated suite of applications closely integrated with Mercator’s airline reservation and airport control systems, MARS (Mercator Airline Reservation System) and MACS (Mercator Airport Control System) which have already gained respect in the aviation industry worldwide.

Mercator has developed home-grown applications and combined these with best-in-class solutions from certified suppliers. The current challenging economic environment has lead to an increasing need for airlines to reduce costs. Mercator has responded by developing this innovative multi-product concept which gives airlines greater business and system integration, return on investment, process improvement and cost reduction.

To achieve this, Mercator used its own dedicated IT professionals, as well as working closely with Farelogix – a provider of lower-cost, multi-sourcing distribution and optimisation technology to the global travel industry and Calidris which provides money-saving revenue integrity and business intelligence solutions to airlines internationally.

Mercator believes Jupiter is a unique integrated product offering, covering reservations, internet bookings, departure control, customer relationship management, revenue integrity, financial services and even staff travel systems. All of these services can be purchased on a ‘per passenger boarded’ fee basis at a rate significantly below other providers, offering economy of scale. In addition, Mercator can enable GDS by-pass facilities, based on Farelogix own experiences, yielding considerable savings to airlines to further offset distribution costs.

Patrick Naef, Mercator's President, said: “In today’s marketplace where airlines, like all businesses, need to keep costs down, we believe Jupiter is essential to our customers’ long-term strategy. We are delighted to be able to support customers including Emirates and more recently, Kuwait Airways, by providing them with the facility to select exactly what they need to manage their costs and ensure they are directly related to revenue. Our research in the marketplace confirms that companies require stable and secure suppliers offering a wide range of functionality at affordable prices. We believe our offer matches this demand.”

The flag carrier of Kuwait, which currently has a fleet of 17 aircraft, has not only signed an extension to its current hosting services agreement for MARS and MACS but it has also committed to adopt the entire Jupiter proposition. For a single fee per passenger boarded, Kuwait Airways will continue with reservations and departure control but they will also adopt Mercator's Customer Relationship Management (CRIS), Internet Booking Engine, Revenue Integrity and Easy MARS for seat reservations.

Hamad Abdullatif Al-Falah, Chairman and Managing Director, Kuwait Airways, said: "Our partnership with Mercator has contributed in significant cost reduction notably through the implementation of e-ticketing, giving an increase in revenues and better customer service. We believe this investment will vastly benefit our airline as we continue to aim to reach more than 46 countries around the globe. Our management team will be armed with incisive information, facilitating informed tactical and strategic decisions, enhancing bottom line in a highly productive environment.”

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