Thursday, February 3, 2011


Named after the famous quarter of Paris that is synonymous worldwide with elegance, luxury and prestige, SAINT HONORE continues to assert its influence in the world of fashion and jewellery with the launch of the unique Coloseo. The watch combines Swiss-made precision and accuracy with Parisian chic and style.

Beautiful and sleek, this watch is in harmony with the latest fashion trends, and blends a classical round shape, for women who want a watch of timeless beauty, the Coloseo “Chiffres Romains” stands alone

A modern-day icon inspired by the grandest of watchmaking traditions, this watch has that extra touch rendering it all the more desirable. It radiates a certain class, with superb lines paired with masterful watchmaking details, such as the onyx cabochon on the crown.

Available with a leather strap or steel bracelet, in steel, or in stainless steel pink or yellow gold plated case, it is simply bursting with the intoxicating charm of women who make style a way of life.

And to delight even the daintiest of wrists, the ravishing Roman also comes with a more petite, 30mm case.

Saint Honore watches are luxurious and immediately catch the eye with their feminine lines mixing luxury with affordability. This will probably be the new trend as the economy continues to take jabs at the luxury industry.

SAINT HONORE is a French company specializing in elegant and prestigious timepieces. The company established a signature watchmaking firm in 1885.

Different models of COLOSEO are available: deep black or white mother-of-pearl dial, with or without inset diamonds, all on a leather or metal strap.

Faithful to its tradition of innovation, the stunning new SAINT HONORE watch would be the perfect choice for the most discerning of customers. 

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