Monday, February 7, 2011

Emirates Glass Launches ‘VitroGlaze’ in the UAE

Environment-Friendly Glass Solution to Combat Dirt and Grime Introduced for the First Time in the Middle East

Dubai-UAE: 07 February, 2011 - Emirates Glass LLC (EGL), one of the region’s leading processors of premium architectural flat glass products and a subsidiary of Glass LLC, wholly owned by Dubai Investments (DI), today announced the launch of VitroGlaze, an eco-friendly glass with a chemically treated surface that keeps away dirt and grime.

VitroGlaze is a permanent treatment that prevents the adhesion and build-up of contaminates on the glass surface. It also provides oil and water repellant properties, eliminating the need for harsh chemical solutions and reducing cleaning time by almost 90 per cent.

Ziad Yazbeck, Senior Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Glass LLC, said: “VitroGlaze guarantees clean glass. Its self-cleaning property saves time and water consumption. Harsh chemicals that are used to clean normal glass are usually washed off into the soil and contaminate it but the use of VitroGlaze eliminates this environmental hazard.
“VitroGlaze products are perfect for villas, buildings and other establishments that use a lot of glass for outdoor facades.”

VitroGlaze is coated with titanium dioxide on the outer surface of the glass, which gives it the self-cleaning property. It cleans itself in two stages. The first stage is the action of light on the surface of the glass that basically eats away the dirt on the surface. The next process ensures that any water that falls on the surface forms sheets and washes away dirt uniformly. The glass spreads the water evenly over its surface, without forming droplets.

VitroGlaze bonds into glass surfaces both mechanically and chemically. In doing so it modifies the physical and chemical properties of the surface. The coating mechanism works best when spread on surfaces with pores, holes, crevices and voids into which it solidifies. In this manner, it acts as a mechanical anchor.

Only a small amount of sunlight is required to activate the coating, which ensures that self-cleaning property will function even on cloudy days. A simple rinse with water during dry weather will help keep the surface clean.

Yazbeck added: “We have chosen to launch VitroGlaze in the UAE as part of our support to the government’s green building agenda that endorses stringent compliance to internationally recognised green building standards.”

The optimised use of natural light, as well as renewable energy sources and district cooling systems to enhance the comfort of building occupants in an energy efficient and environmentally responsive manner are some of the criteria mandated by green building standards.

International research reveals that green buildings reduce long-term operational and energy-related costs, while also minimising any disruptive impact on the environment. Green buildings also promote indirect benefits such as improved worker performance and productivity gains.

VitroGlaze is also being launched in Saudi Arabia by Saudi American Glass Company, a subsidiary of Glass LLC. 

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