Thursday, June 16, 2011

New sea dock and port in Dubai Creek implemented by DM

Early this year, Dubai Municipality has begun a project of dock and port for ships departing from Dubai Creek.

Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality said the project is the first of certain vital
projects that currently run by the municipality. The project aims to increase the capacity of marine docks in the
emirate, development of facilities and services of Dubai Creek. It is in line with Resolution No. 1 of 2010 issued by
HH the Ruler of Dubai commissioning the Municipality the charge of Dubai Creek, regarding the cleanliness and
maintenance of supporting wall and all facilities, including ports, marinas and terminals.

“Dubai Creek has currently a single port for the clearance of arriving and departing ships. The number of these ships
exceeds 22,000 merchant ships annually. It leads to rush and delay of procedures for the workers entry and exit and
inspections of ships, especially as the creek is a main port for traditional ships coming to the Emirate,” lootah said.

“The new port to be built in a strategic location at the entrance of Dubai Creek Deira side would relieve the pressure
on the current port in the entrance of Bur Dubai Creek. On completion of the project, the old port will be assigned to
arriving ships, while the new port will be allocated to departing ships. This will increase the efficiency and maritime
safety in the creek,” he added.

Eng. Alia Rahim Harmoudi Head of Coastal Zone Management and Waterways Section of Environment Department
said that the project cost is estimated at 15.8 million dirhams. It included the establishment of a new marine
terminal of 213 meters length, equipped with all facilities necessary to accommodate anchoring of four traditional
large size merchant ships at same time, in addition to an integrated services building allocated to government
departments and institutions involved in ship procedures.

“The project also includes scraping the bottom of the creek at the entrance to enable the docking of large ships
laden with goods,” she said.

“The project is progressing at a rapid pace and through an intensive work program to ensure the completion of the
project on time by the end of August. The Coastal Zone Management and Waterways Section has met all engineering
and environmental requirements of the project in terms of the initial site studies, seabed surveying, soil tests and
study of pavement traffic, in addition to the completion of structural designs of the project facilities internally,” she

It is noteworthy that the Dubai Creek of 14 km has been formed since the beginning of last century, as a centre
of shipping in the region and a fundamental pillar for the growth of economic activity in the emirate. Its strategic
location in the ancient trade route between Europe and India was the nucleus for the transformation of Dubai into
a key place for the supply of commercial vessels, subsequently to the prominent financial and economic hub in the
region and the world.

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