Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DM organizes campaigns to eradicate random ads and posters

Eng. Abdul Majid Abdul Aziz Sifaee Director of Waste Management Department at
Dubai Municipality said that it has been recently noted the spread of random ads
and posters on walls, doors, parking areas, and public squares, which negatively
affects and distorts the hygiene and appearance of the city. Such practice is a clear
violation of Article 59 of Local Order No. 11 of 2003 and its regulations.

“The Municipality will intensify campaigns to control the offences by individuals
and companies. The penalties stipulated in Local Order will be applicable according
to the address printed on ads or posts. The department will charge penalties on
violating posters starting from July 15,” he said.

“Cleanliness and preservation of the city is an important part the Municipality’s work
and we are trying to communicate with all segments of society and their different
categories through all available media and campaigns through more widely used
languages,” he added.

The campaign came as a result of large number of complaints from the public, aimed
to educate the society about the negative impact of this phenomenon both in terms
of distortion of the general appearance or damage to public property and facilities.

All types of unauthorized ads and posters contrary to the appearance, ethics, and
morals of the emirate will be fined. Complaints can be registered on the hotline of
the Municipality: 800900

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