Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DM honours winners of photography contest

Environment Department of Dubai Municipality on Monday honoured winners and participants in the photography
contest, which was announced on World Day for Migratory Birds. The honouring ceremony was organized on
another environmental occasion; World Day to Combat Desertification, organized this year under the theme ‘Forests
... to keep dry lands working’, as part of the municipality’s observance of various environmental events each year.

Photography competition has been introduced to encourage creativity and artistic talents of staff in support of
environmental protection issues, as well as to introduce participants the characteristics and advantages of the Ras Al
Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

Eric Olympia Fajut, Alya Adil Al Jumairi and Aria Aladdin Khezri have won first, second and third prizes respectively.
Nizar Ahmed Khadhir, Fuad hamid Al Awadi, Felix Cortes Fullero, Elizier Nelson Vijay, NaserAlDeen Mohammed
Hassan and Anil Kumar Ramdas were honoured as best participants out of 41 entries.

The event came as part of WDCD activities aimed to highlight the problems of desertification, threats faced by the
lands and degradation such as drought, water scarcity. The event is organized to promote public awareness with
regard to international cooperation to combat desertification implementing the International Convention to Combat
Desertification. It also targets to directing officials and policy makers to search for solutions to the challenge of
desertification and arid lands.

The event is to educate the public the role of forests in reducing the risks of desertification and preservation of arid
land degradation.

The activities and events included educational trip for children of the staff to Sharjah Desert Park and to Natural
History and Botanical Museum, in order to familiarize them with natural environments in the UAE, with a focus on
the desert environment, its characteristics and components. A workshop named "Coloured sands of the UAE” was
organized during the visit.

A program to raise awareness in children in collaboration with the Department of Public Parks and Horticulture
was conducted targeting students ranging in age from 4 to 10 years to support educational activities in the summer
centres concerning environment culture. The program also included workshops for children, information on local
plants and its role in preserving the environment and combating desertification, models, and samples of local plants,
picture gallery of local plants, desert environment workshops, studio for children and distribution of educational

In addition, a symposium on World Day to Combat Desertification, on Friday was organized in collaboration with
EIEF group in the City Hall of Dubai Municipality. It included an introduction program, a demonstration of forests
and desertification, a short film, workshop and lecture about desertification , ‘Forest Panel’ on which audience draw
trees, and ‘Human Tree’ formed by all participants in shape of a tree.

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