Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Awareness campaign for beachgoers by DM

Environment Department of Dubai Municipality, today at Jumeirah beach, launches
a three days awareness campaign for the beachgoers. The campaign aims to
raise awareness among beach visitors and to preserve their health, safety and
Khalid Sulaiten Head of Environment Emergency Office, said that the campaign
organized in cooperation with Rescue Department of Dubai Police and, Sheikh
Hamdan bin Mohammed Sports Complex, indicating that the campaign is voluntary
and organized by the municipality.
“The cooperation of different authorities in this campaign is an evidence of
concerted efforts and solidarity to raise awareness and find awareness activities of
such events. The campaign aims to create awareness on public safety for beachgoers
and prevention of drowning, which has recently witnessed some developments,” he
“It is important for beachgoers to be aware of safety requirements, knowing the sea
condition and to wear appropriate clothing as well as to know tips for dealing with
different drowning cases, along with preservation of beaches, and public utilities
from pollution,” he added.
As part of the campaign, airspace, sports, entertainment and awareness events
will be organized in Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Sports Complex of Al Jumeirah
“Beachgoers are not to ignore the vagaries of weather during the current period
of the year, as the changes in sea conditions may increase the risk of drowning,
especially for the people who do not know swimming and seriousness of weather,”
he explained.

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