Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HEC Paris in Qatar launches "Leading Strategies for Outstandin​g Performanc​e" in Doha - June 12-16

HEC Paris in Qatar has launched its 'Leading Strategies for Outstanding
Performance' (LSOP) program this week in Doha to help top executives
reach the highest levels of excellence.

LSOP is an international program that provides senior  executives with
the latest insights, methods, and tools to lead their organizations
towards long-term high performance and growth.

Twenty-four senior professionals from Qatar and the region are
participating in the high-impact, five-day program, which is developed
and taught by world-class professors from HEC Paris.

LSOP is part of HEC's portfolio of open enrolment programs for
executives, and the third such program to be held in Doha since HEC
Paris joined Qatar Foundation's Education City in 2010.

The program, which equips executives with the latest strategic thinking
and change management tools needed to excel in the modern business
world, directly supports HEC Paris in Qatar's mission to make a lasting
contribution to Qatar's knowledge-based economy as part of the National

The program is being held from June 12th-16th.

 The next program for Executives will be "Leading in Challenging Times", offered in Doha in October 2011.

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aparna john said...

Hi,The laws are in place but there is no one to enforce company formation in Qatar. Let's take a look inside Qatar at what life is really like for the expats that devoted a part of their life to come and build this nation.Thanks.....