Thursday, May 5, 2011

your infant’s colic woes with Tommee Tippee’s anti-colic range

The leading baby care brand introduces easi-vent and free flow bottles to
ease colic in infants

Dubai, May 05, 2011: Tommee Tippee, UK’s number one baby care brand, has

introduced a new range of anti-colic feeding bottles with advanced easi-vent technology.

Distributed in the region by TruCare FZC, the leading distributor in the UAE for

international childcare brands, this unique range has been designed to make it easier for

babies suffering from colic, by helping reduce the amount of air ingested during feeding.

Commenting on the anti-colic range from Tommee Tippee, Mr. Muffadal Kagalwala,

Business Manager, TruCare FZC, said, “Tommee Tippee offers a wide range of baby

care products of unmatched quality and technology. The anti-colic range is a highly

developed system of feeding for infants created to offer a solution to distressed parents

of babies with colic. While colic remains a mystery for parents and doctors alike, it is

largely believed to be linked to ingestion of air during feeding. Tommee Tippee’s anti-

colic range works on a technology that is easy and safe to use and has been tested

effective against colic.”

The anti-colic range, part of Tommee Tippee’s revolutionary closer to nature range,

includes unique easi-vent bottle, where the valve is integrated in the teat and the free

flow bottle, where the valve is inside the bottle for optimum venting.

The anti-colic bottle provides a heat sensing tube that provides blue and pink color

indication for safe feeding. The heating sensing tube keeps you informed if the milk is

cool enough to feed. The fast flow teat bottles help the baby to feed without a pause,

with a revolutionary vent system that reduces ingestion of air.

Tommee Tippee’s revolutionary range of products is carefully designed with a great teat

that is closest to nature. The soft silicone teat that gently elongates and flexes during

feeding, brilliantly mimics the natural breastfeeding action, making it easier to shift from

breast to bottle feeding. The unique bottle shape is designed to be held in the most

natural position, with right viewpoint to imitate the natural breastfeeding action.

The entire Tommee Tippee Collection is widely available at all major retailers such as

Toys r Us and Baby Shop. The range is also available at nursery stores, independent

pharmacies and baby stores in the region.

About Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee, from the UK based Mayborn Group Limited, is the number-one brand of infant

and toddler feeding products in Great Britain and one of the top brands of infant products and

accessories in the global market. Loved by parents and children alike, Tommee Tippee has

received numerous brand accolades in Great Britain, including top ranks in the prestigious

Mother and Baby Awards, a head-to-head assessment of competitive products voted on by moms

themselves. The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature line of baby bottles has been chosen as Great

Britain’s best baby bottle, winning the Gold award in 2006/7, in 2008/9 and again in 2009/10. In

2009, Tommee Tippee was the first and only children’s feeding brand to be selected as a UK

Superbrand in a nationwide poll of consumers, putting it on par with brands such as Microsoft®,

Coca-Cola®, Nike®, Lego® and Google®.

About TruCare FZC

TruCare FZC operates from its corporate office based in Sharjah Hamariyah Free Zone. It has a

modern warehouse comprising of more than 12000 Sq Ft, implementing state of art technology in

warehousing, logistics and distribution of kiddie's product. The company was formed in response

to the lack of professional brand distribution management in the Middle East. Trucare currently

distributes multiple international brands in the Middle East region. Trucare oversees and retains

control of all brand-marketing, sales & promotional events in the region.


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