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Germany: record-breaking 60.3 million overnight stays by international visitors

GCC is one of the growth markets with an increase of 26.4% in 2010

The latest numbers published by the German Federal Statistical Office show that overnight
stays by visitors to Germany from abroad totalled 60.3 million in the period spanning from
January to December 2010, with the number of overnight stays by international travellers
passing the record-breaking 60-million mark for the first time. Compared to the data of the
previous year, these figures indicate a remarkable increase of 10%, illustrating an upward
trend in both holiday and business travel. One of the growth markets is the Arabian Gulf, with
the number of overnight stays reaching 968,336 in 2010 by visitors from this region showing
an impressive increase of 26.4% as compared to 2009, when 766,089 overnight stays by Gulf
Arabs were registered in Germany – and the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) even
expects this number to reach 2.3 million by 2020.

Germany has been continually attracting more visitors since 2004 and its growth rate in
the touristic sector has steadily surpassed other European countries. The latest numbers
demonstrate that Germany’s popularity is growing at above-average rates amongst international
visitors, especially attracting travellers from the GCC. “I am particularly pleased about the high
number of overnight stays by visitors from the Arabian Gulf. With almost one million overnight
stays recorded for this group, the Gulf region is now the fourth strongest overseas source
markets for Germany. Between January and December 2010, 26.4% more overnight stays by
GCC travellers were recorded, as compared to the figures of 2009 when this number stood
at 766,089. This shows an increase of 202,247 overnight stays,” said Antje Roeding-Boudier,
Director of the Marketing & Sales Office for the Gulf Countries at the German National Tourist
Office (GNTO) in Dubai, the local affiliate of the GNTB.

The rising numbers of visitors from the GCC to Germany result from the country’s intensive
marketing in the region, amongst other factors. Mrs. Roeding-Boudier stressed on the fact
that “statistics provide tangible evidence of the efforts put into the GNTO’s annual campaigns
aimed at promoting Germany’s image as a favourite tourist destination.”

Over the past years the GNTO has intensively promoted Germany in the Gulf region. Various
projects were initiated not only to directly attract potential tourists, but also to draw the attention
of local media representatives and to further intensify the collaboration with the travel trade. For
instance, press trips, study tours and general trainings that seek to inform the regional audience
more broadly about Germany as a travel destination are frequently organised. Moreover, the
GNTO launched an annually recurring roadshow. Held under the name ‘Dallal fi Almania’

(‘Feel Good in Germany’), the country’s touristic offerings and attractions are showcased in
cities across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE, in particular promoting those offers which are
especially suited to meet the needs of Arab visitors.

Another promotional method is Germany’s participation in travel exhibitions, such as the
upcoming Arabian Travel Market (ATM), also giving partners the opportunity to present their
offers to the regional audience. This year the GNTB focuses on two major marketing themes
that are particularly appealing to travellers from the Arabian Gulf: health and wellness tourism
as well as the 125th anniversary of the motor car. Consequently, Germany’s stand at the ATM,
which also includes 20 partners ranging from German regions and cities to hotels, airlines and
car rental companies, will provide extensive information these topics.

Medical and wellness tourism is a travel segment experiencing high demand across the Gulf
region. Therefore, GNTB’s marketing theme 2011 aims at emphasising the high standard of
German clinics and hospitals as well as the special expertise of its medical staff. According to
Antje Roeding-Boudier, “Germany is the ideal destination to combine medical treatment and a
relaxing holiday. Guests enjoy the excellent conditions of the German medical sector that are
targeted to their needs. Many medical facilities have specific offers for Arab guests, such as
Arabic language support for patients as well as their accompanying relatives and friends.”

With regards to the second marketing topic for the year 2011, the GNTB’s activities focus on
automotive-themed tourist attractions. Amongst other things the numerous car museums and
events are promoted in order to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the invention of the

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About Germany:

Germany is located in the centre of Europe and the territory covers 357,021 sq km with elevation ranges
from the mountains of the Alps in the south to the shores of the North Sea in the north-west and the Baltic
Sea in the north-east. It has some of Europe's major rivers like the Rhine, Danube and Elbe. Germany
shares borders with more European countries than any other country on the continent. Its neighbours
include France, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands,
Denmark and Poland.

About the German National Tourist Board (GNTB):

GNTB is a provider of marketing services for the German tourism industry. Headquartered in Frankfurt,
it has 30 representative offices around the world. GNTB aims to enhance the positive image of Germany
as a travel destination and increase the volume of tourist traffic to and within Germany. The German
National Tourist Board works in close cooperation and economic partnership with all levels of the tourism
industry in Germany.

For further information about Germany and GNTB:


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