Tuesday, May 3, 2011

French electric power innovations in the spotlight in Saudi Arabia! RIYADH (Hotel Novotel Al Anoud) – May 9th and 10th, 2011

A symposium to be held next May 9th and 10th in Riyadh will unveil the latest technological advances in the
field of electric power production, transport and distribution. The event will put 16 French companies in touch
with major buyers like SEC, WEC, Marafiq, SWCC and private Saudi operators. It is organised by UBIFRANCE,
the French Agency for International Business Development, in partnership with the GIMELEC (the Grouping of
Industries in Electrical Equipment, Control/Command and Related Services).

In order to meet electricity needs in Saudi Arabia, increasing at a rate of 7 to 8% per annum, SEC has developed
a USD18b investment plan aiming at adding a capacity of 20,000 MW by 2018, in addition to projects planned by
Independent Power Producers (IPP). Enough to spark the interest of the most dynamic companies in the sector!

After a morning session devoted to presenting their know-how to the group of decision-makers, each company will take
part in a session of B to B meetings. This will be an opportunity for them to improve their knowledge of the Saudi market
and to raise their profile. In addition, it will be a chance for both sides to make a number of new business contacts. A date
you cannot afford to miss!

The following companies will be available for meetings:

AREVA supplies solutions for carbon-free power generation. In solar, AREVA designs, manufactures and installs solar
steam generators for the global power generation and industrial steam needs. Each system is designed to seamlessly
integrate with new and existing solar and solar-hybrid power plants, conventional power plants, and a diverse range
of industrial steam processes. Simple, durable and scalable, these solar steam generators use the most land-efficient
renewable energy technology in operation, generating 1.5- to 2.6-times more peak power per acre of land than competing
solar technologies.
Website: www.areva.com

ARRAS MAXEI design and manufacture oil treatment plants used by the transformer industry (manufacturers, users and
maintenance companies). ARRAS MAXEI also offer installations for rotating equipment manufacturers and transformer
companies, such as cast resin (Impregnation) installation, atmospheric furnace,drying and filling oven (under vacuum).
Website: www.maxei.fr

ENERDIS originally subsidiary of the Schlumberger group, is an expert on measurement, metering and monitoring of
electrical networks. ENERDIS joined the Chauvin-Arnoux group in 1998 and has since added to its extended portfolio
products and services for measuring power quality and electrical network disturbance.
Tariffs meters (Trimaran), power quality analysers (MAP), high-performance power monitors (Enerium) and
programmable transducers (TRIAD), designed notably for the supervision of transport/distribution electrical networks are
all part of the product range proposed by ENERDIS.
Website: www.enerdis.com

INFOSEC Communication designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of UPSs and surge protectors
adapted to market needs. The general industrial and atmospheric context but also those specific to each company or
domestic environment may cause electrical interference with severe strategic and economic impact. Infosec UPS System
solutions protect sensitive equipment from potentially irreversible damage caused by voltage dips, overvoltage, power
cuts and interference to the electrical network.
Website: www.infosec-ups.com

JEUMONT ELECTRIC “J.E.” has a global offering in the field of MV & HV electric rotating machines. J.E. operates for a
diversity of markets such as oil and gas, power, water and nuclear.
JEUMONT Electric main products and services are:
- Full range of medium voltage electric motors (induction and synchronous) up to 40 MW;
- Full range of MV Alternator up to 75MVA and its associated Excitation system and AVR;
- Converters;
- Maintenance and refurbishment for machines of any manufacturer up to 1 500 MW covering rewinding, repair and
renovation as well as retrofitting.
Website: www.jeumontelectric.com

LEGRAND is a global leader in two specific areas: the leading manufacturer of wiring accessories with a world market
share of 19%, and of cable routing with a 15% world market share. Legrand combines global know-how with an active
local presence. The company has a wide product offer: 130,000 product references and an offer providing a solution
adapted to any electrical installation or communication network issue.
Website: www. legrandgroup.com

LEROY-SOMER, subsidiary of Emerson Electric, is a worldwide specialist in alternators and electromechanical and
electronic drive systems. The company is very active in developing solutions for renewable energy production.
LEROY-SOMER delivers highly efficient solutions for a variety of applications:
Energy production, district cooling, air conditioning, chillers, compressors, security ventilation, water distribution and
treatment, treatment of waste, elevators, and process for the petroleum industry.
Leroy-Somer supplies IE2 class motors and already supplies motors conform to IE3 classification. To take energy saving
to the next level, Leroy-Somer offers also super premium motors (synchronous permanent magnet Dyneo solution)
allowing users to reach unrivalled efficiency levels.
Website: www.leroy-somer.com

For over 50 years the MARECHAL decontactor has been synonymous with innovation in electrical connections or
industries with safety and reliability. Marechal’s know-how extends to all types of applications and environments – general
industry, aluminium and steel industry, automobile industry, construction civil works, foods & beverage, aerospace,
industrial harbours and shipyards, airports, water treatment industry, oil & gas industry, etc.
With their silver-nickel butt contact technology, Marechal connection devices are well known across industries for user
safety, performance and durability.
Website: www.marechal-electric.com

MERSEN is a global expert in materials and solutions for extreme environments as well as in the safety and reliability
of electrical equipment. Mersen’s values, which emphasize a human touch, local relationships right around the world,
continuous improvement, responsibility and profitable growth, naturally complement its corporate personality.
Website: www.mersen.com

MICEL proposes its technical expertise and services to innovative solutions. MICEL convert and distribute flexible
insulating products (Nomex®, Polyester Mylar®, NMN, DMD, Kapton®, Tedlar®, Teflon®, Ultem®, Formex®, Alu/PET…),
resins and varnishes, electrical adhesive tapes and sleevings.
Processes : slitting, unwinding, sheeting, technical parts, technical processes (heatforming, ultrasonic welding, adhesive
cutting, Alu/PEt lamination). technical expertise and services dedicated to customers' innovative solutions.
Website : www.micel.fr

MS RELAIS is a group of 300 people – 40 million Euros – with plants in France and in the Netherlands specialized in
the manufacturing of ultra-high dependability electro-mechanical components and solutions for the railway, maritime and
industrial sectors.
In Saudi Arabia, our safety critical electro mechanical have been used for protection and control panels for substation
automation and low voltage switchgear.
Website: www.morssmitt.com

PHOTOWATT boasts expertise throughout the solar panel design and production processes, developing photovoltaic
systems all over the world. PHOTOWATT is active at every stage of the project lifecycle.
Alongside the CEA (the French Commission for Atomic Energy and Renewable Energy Sources) and EDF Energies
Nouvelles, PHOTOWATT, standing on the cutting edge of technological innovation, is part of the PV Alliance consortium,
which is responsible for developing new-generation high-performance polycrystalline cells.
The consortium has mapped out three strategic focus areas: increase the potential applications for photovoltaic energy,
raise the solar energy performance bar and bring photovoltaic energy into widespread use.
Website: www.photowatt.com

SAI is a world leader in noise treatment for the energy sector. SAI designs and implements turnkey acoustic solution for
power plants and industrial applications.
Web site : www.sai-acoustique.fr

As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC offers
integrated solutions to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green across multiple market segments. The
Group has leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, and data centres/
networks, as well as a broad presence in residential applications. With more than 15.8 billion euros sales in 2009, the
company's 100,000+ employees are committed to help individuals and organizations “Make the most of their energy.”
Website: www.schneider-electric.com.sa

SDMO© is one of the world leaders in the design, manufacture and maintenance of power generating plants. SDMO©
proposes generating sets from 1 to 3,000 kVA which can adapt to all applications. This wide range of standard products
is complemented by expert solutions developed by its Engineering Department. The reactivity of the company relies on a
wide distribution network, but also on storage platforms and subsidiaries which constitute an efficient means of operating.
Website: www.sdmo.com

SEIFEL develops, manufactures and sells products for electrical energy, gas and water networks worldwide.
SEIFEL products include :
- CLAVED Meter cabinets for electricity, gas and water, installed individually or collectively
- Distribution boxes for Low voltage underground distribution networks
- Enclosures for battery protection used in solar installations
SEIFEL uses specialised plastics compounds, made of high-performance recyclable plastics. They give products
excellent durability, even under harsh environmental conditions. They comply with International IEC standards.
Website : www.seifel.fr


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