Monday, May 2, 2011

Australian Business Council Dubai unveils new brand identity.

Dubai, April 2011 - The Australian Business Council Dubai (ABCD) has unveiled its new visual identity with a fresh logo that positions the company as a growing organisation.

Designed to visually portray and reflect ABCD as an energetic organisation with an outward focus the new look is based on earth tones and colours to reflect the landscape of Australia, while the rotating lines reflect the pace and rapid movement of the UAE and Dubai. 

ABCD will also be rolling out their new e-newsletter, brochures, stationery and updated website over the next few weeks, all of which will follow the same theme.

“The world has moved quickly and dramatically from early 2007 to 2011 and in order to survive, strengthen and grow the ABCD must adapt to these changes” said 'Raymi van der Spek chairman Australian Business Council “This adaption means a need to change our behaviour and our look and feel – in essence our brand”

The new logo is intended to clearly link with the ABCD’s core objective of providing a forum for members to develop their business activities. The highly internationalised nature of the UAE, and Dubai in particular, is now reflected in the rapidly growing individual and corporate membership base of the ABCD. 

“It is a strong and dynamic image designed to lift the profile of the ABCD in the UAE and regional marketplace” said van der  Spek ‘It is our objective to give our members of the ABCD both an organisation and an image in which they can be proud and confident”

The ABCD started in 1993 as the Australian Business in the Gulf (ABIG).  The logo was based on the image of a kangaroo superimposed over a map of the Gulf region.  The symbolism was obvious, if not totally direct, but it was not particularly adaptable.  In 2007 ABIG was relaunched as the Australian Business Council in Dubai and the new logo featured a fluttering Australian flag.  This change clearly reflected the exceptional dominance of Dubai on the Gulf economic landscape and the huge influx of Australians into the city.  


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