Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dubai Municipality intensifies efforts to protect natural resources

Dubai Municipality recently intensified non-routine inspection campaigns on areas adjacent to residential villas under construction, as a part of the Environment Department's monitoring on the ground levelling process, thus contributing to the protection of natural resources and the rationalization of consumption.
AbdulSalam Mohammed Saleh, Head of Environmental Control Section said that many companies and enterprises dig up and sell large amounts of sand and soil without prior permission from the  Municipality, which had a negative impact on the environment of those areas.
"The companies take advantage of escalating consumption needs of these resources although the Dubai Municipality has strictly prohibited the trade of natural resources and imposed deterrent penalties on violating companies up to Dhs100,000," he said.  
"Efforts of Dubai Municipality include application of a specific mechanism for the issuance of permits to transport and store sand in Municipality storage sites for free transportation for construction companies," said Saleh.
The Environment Department manages two locations: the first in Lahbab to store and provide “Reclamation Sand” and “Wetland ", and the second in Khawaneej for agricultural soils. The work sites operate in two shifts 12 hours a day, six days a week. Required quantities of sand will be provided for the clients after studying their actual requirement, proof of ownership, land area to be processed, project nature, details and a list of plants to be cultivated. In addition, coupons are distributed against a nominal fee of Dhs10-20 per 20 cubic meters truckload depending on the soil type.
Saleh urged the public to cooperate with the Municipality in its efforts to stop the malpractices by some construction and transport companies by reporting to the concerned department on Tel 04-6066793 or 04-6066686 or toll-free No 800 900. 


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