Monday, May 2, 2011


JEANRICHARD’s diving watch, the Diverscope Titanium is the brand’s first model to be entirely made of titanium,

and water resistant to 300 meters. The watch is now available with select retailers across the Middle East.

JEANRICHARD’S diving watch, the Diverscope Titanium, is particularly light and robust. Indeed, its case is

entirely made of titanium, metal of which the mass is 40% lighter to that of steel. Moreover, it is highly resistant to

corrosion, especially in environments such as salt water.

Each one of the two crowns has a distinct function: the crown at 3 o’clock activates the hours, minutes and

seconds hands as well as the date setting; the crown at 9 o’clock is linked intrinsically to diving, as it controls the

positioning of the bidirectional bezel - adjusting this ring on the case serves to monitor a remaining dive time. The

crowns are screwed and protected by crown-shields, contributing to the watch’s ergonomics on the wrist.

The Diverscope Titanium is equipped with JEANRICHARD’S in-house manufactured calibre, entirely developed

and produced in its own workshops.

JEANRICHARD watches are available at select luxury retailers in the Middle East region including: Bahrain

Jewellery Centre (Bahrain), Mouwad National Company (Jordan), Ghadah Jewellery (Salhiya Commercial Centre

Kuwait), Chronora Boutique (Down Town Beirut Souks, Lebanon), Al Majed Jewellery (Doha, Qatar), Mouwad

stores in Jeddah & Khobar and Al Fardan Outlets in the United Arab Emirates.

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