Monday, March 7, 2011

Syscom to Integrate Communication and Security Systems for Capital Centre in Abu Dhabi

Prestigious AED1.5-million Contract for Deploying Intelligent Security Management System (ISMS)

Dubai-UAE: 07 March, 2011 Syscom Emirates LLC, a leading provider of structured cabling and network architecture for low current electronics, and a subsidiary of Masharie, the private equity arm of Dubai Investments PJSC (‘DI’), today announced that it has been awarded an AED1.5 million contract for setting up an integrated security and communication system for Abu Dhabi’s Capital Centre project.
Syscom has received the deal from Thermo, the contractor in charge of the Capital Centre project’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) requirements.
As per the scope of the project, Syscom has been commissioned to deploy CCTV, Access Control and Security intercom solutions. Work, already commenced, is slated for completion in March 2011.
Karim Saba, General Manager, Syscom Emirates, said: “Syscom is proud to be chosen as a partner for this project. Having successfully completed a number of integrated projects for the commercial sector, our team is confident of putting together the best IT and security infrastructure for the new Capital Centre. We will also provide support and efficient performance quality checks to ensure that the integrated solution works perfectly in accordance with the client's needs.
“The entire project reflects the sophistication of new development activity in Abu Dhabi, which is growing at a very fast pace. There is a huge demand for world-class technologies to accommodate the growing related needs.”
Syscom was invited, amongst other firms pitching for the project, to design the IT infrastructure for the project. Its team was able to specify a system that would clearly meet the needs of the security aspect of commercial tower, while being cost-effective and technologically superior to any other system on the market, resulting in the contract being awarded to Syscom.
Reflecting its sophisticated data integration model, the project’s security intercom, access control and CCTV are integrated in single expandable system and also with the other systems within the premises.
Due to the large footprint of the commercial tower, IP cameras offer the right solution, allowing information to be directly linked to the system. The network also offers a low cost solution for adding additional IP cameras in the future, if required.
The system is not only scalable but also accessible with a high level of encryption. One of the key objectives was to host an-easy-to-use system, employing contactless smart card technology. Unlike conventional ones, smart cards can be programmed to contain a variety of information such as a photograph and the approved access levels. The one-card solution, suitable for multiple applications, also offers convenience and security for end-users.
As an additional feature, at any point where the card is not granted access, the system will automatically dial the security control room for help. In addition, the system incorporates the remote monitoring capabilities.
Designed by Australian consultants Connell Wagner and Wood Bagot, Capital Center Tower is located at the heart of Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).


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