Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dubai-based trainer co-authors self-help book for teenagers

Prof. C F Joseph and the co-author Bob Urichuck
with their new book 
Dubai, 17th March 2011 – Dubai-based “Born To Excel,” a leading provider of corporate soft skills training and personality development programmes for students has launched an innovative self-discovery guide that helps teenagers to identify their strengths, set goals and pursue them systematically and successfully.

Titled “I too am a TEENAGER Born To Excel. Excel I will,” the book adopts a fresh approach to understanding the teenage psyche. The programme focuses on 12 key steps that will enable teenagers to author their own future by following an interesting and inspiring routine of introspection, goal-setting, action plan and regular self-evaluation of progress achieved.

The transformational guide, which seeks to empower teenagers and mould them into achievers and leaders, has been authored by Bob Urichuk (Canada) and Professor C.F.Joseph of Born To Excel Success Motivation Centre, Dubai, corporate trainers and strategists who have designed and implemented motivational and leadership programmes for managers, professionals and students across North America, Middle East, India, Europe, South Asia and South-East Asia.

“The 12 essential and meaningful steps or disciplines explained will help teenagers understand what they are and what they can do, set their priorities and then work systematically towards implementing them, tracking their own progress and bridging gaps as they move closer towards their goals,” says Bob Urichuk, who is also founder of the international firm Bob Urichuk Management Inc. (

A certified social entrepreneur and thinker, Urichuk has extensive experience in training leaders and executives in various Fortune 500 companies as well as government departments in his native Canada and Singapore. His works include two best-sellers – “Disciplined for Life: You are the author of your future” and “Online for Life: The 12 disciplines for living your dreams.”

“There is a rich variety of motivational text available today. We have sought to differentiate “I too am a TEENAGER Born To Excel. Excel I will” with a clear thinking that it addresses one of the most difficult age groups, which is also the largest repository of vast potentials and raw talent. The self-improvement methodology we have adopted primarily commits to its teenage readers; the successful pursuit of their dreams comes next,” says Professor C.F.Joseph.

The 12 disciplines listed in the book provide directional insights that help teenagers to take control of their life, make smart choices, set priorities, design and implement an effective action plan and undergo positive attitudinal and behavioural changes to re-orient themselves for leadership and attainment.

A key component of the book is the Monthly Monitor Chart™, a proprietary tool to monitor and measure progress through a 31-day habit-forming process. The charts remind, discipline, and guide teenagers on the action plans they commit to and reward them for positive changes and progress achieved.

The book provides a deep insight into Aptitude Testing, Interest Evaluation and Personality Assessment and how to choose the right stream of academics and career choices.  The key message delivered is that students who make the right choice at the right time excel in life, while those who make poor or wrong choices find life stressful and difficult to cope up with.

“It’s a self discovery companion and planning guide for teenagers that will enable them to make significant difference in their life. The book will lead you to understand what success, attitude, motivation and that most important person – YOU - is all about. Believe that you too are born to excel; prove to parents and the society that you are on the way to excel in life,” added Professor Joseph. For more details, visit

For more information, please contact: Prof C F Joseph, 050 646 5701

About the authors:

Bob Urichuck - A Canadian, Bob is founder of the international firm Bob Urichuck Management Inc. ( The company's worldwide clients include Fortune 500 corporations, government departments in Canada and Singapore, and numerous international institutions. He is a certified social entrepreneur—his extensive travels having inspired him to work toward a better world on many levels. Bob has also written articles in various publications and is regularly interviewed on national radio and TV programmes in Canada and internationally. He is the author of two bestselling books, Disciplined for Life: You Are the Author of Your Future and Online for Life: The 12 Disciplines for Living Your Dreams.

Prof. C.F. Joseph – Professor C.F. Joseph is the director of the Born To Excel Success Motivation Centre, Dubai, UAE.  He holds a Master’s in Educational and Industrial Psychology and has had advanced Management Training from the Roosevelt University of Chicago, USA. Prof. Joseph has earlier held commercial and managerial positions in well known companies in India, Bahrain, USA and UAE for over 25 years, keeping his academic interests alive all these years by being visiting lecturer in universities, colleges and schools. Since 1993, Born To Excel has become one of the best known names in the Middle East, India and Europe for excellence in Corporate Soft-skills training and Personality Development and Career Guidance Programmes for students and adults. Over 10,000 adults from 48 nationalities and more than 20,000 students from 57 nationalities have benefited from direct training by Prof. Joseph. 


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