Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The New Committee Hold its First Meeting; The Restructuring of the Advisory Committee in Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi

In order to cope with the large and rapid change in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with regard to the organization of statistical work, the Board of Directors of Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi has recently restructured the Advisory Committee limiting the number of the members and rendering the committee more efficient. The Board has raised the level of representation in the membership of the Committee and reduced the number of members from 27 members to 12 members representing the major data producers in the Emirate. Specialized technical committees have also been developed in the various areas of statistical work to assist the Advisory Committee to fully perform its role through adopting a clear methodology and following the regulations that organizes the work in the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi during the next phase. Moreover, the Advisory Committee will hold regular quarterly meetings, as well as holding extraordinary meetings when necessary to discuss specific issues.
The Advisory Committee held its first meeting on Tuesday in Changrilla hotel. The meeting was chaired by H.E. Butti Ahmed Mohammed Bin Butti Al Qubaisi, Director of Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi, Chairman of the Committee, who welcomed the members of the Committee referring to the current challenges and asserting the importance of teamwork and cooperation in order to structure a well-developed statistical system in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. He pointed out that the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi seeks to be among the top five statistical centers in the world by the year 2015. To achieve this ambitious goal which reflects the aspirations and intentions of the Government of Abu Dhabi in general, the Centre is keen on establishing constructive communication and integration with all its strategic partners. The Centre also aims to lay down the foundations of effective participation in the development of statistical work and the service of sustainable development efforts in the Emirate.
 Al- Qubaisi reviewed with members of the Advisory Committee the role they are expected to perform during this stage mentioning a list of tasks and functions that are required from the Advisory Committee during the next phase. The Committee is expected to act as an adviser to the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi, to work towards the statistical integration at the emirate level, and to coordinate the Statistical activities within the Emirate in order to prevent duplication of statistical work. Moreover, the Committee has to contribute to determining priorities and methodologies for statistical work at the emirate level, to take part in mutually solving the problems regarding the quality of statistical data and to provide advice concerning the standardization of statistical concepts and terms. The advisory Committee has also to play a clear role in spreading statistical awareness at the emirate level, and to facilitate the flow of statistical data from their main sources to the Center, thus contributing to steering the statistical work to support development plans and strategies in the emirate. During the coming phase of the committee's work, H.E. added, many more tasks may arise and help redefine the duties of the Committee.
During its first meeting, the Advisory Committee reviewed a number of significant statistical projects, plans and programs that are currently carried out by the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi. The committee has also examined the operational plan of the Centre for the year 2011, the means of supporting communication with data producers, and the importance of providing statistical indicators in a timely manner for targeted sectors. The Committee discussed the latest preparations undertaken by the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi to implement the general population census project in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 2011, and to enhance cooperation with strategic partners in the Emirate, in addition to discussing the most important requirements needed for activating the role of the Committee to accomplish this great project. The population census project in Abu Dhabi is the third and final phase of the census project, which is considered to be one of the most important and largest statistical operations adopted by statistical agencies all over the world. This is due to the fact that the results of this census project will contribute to the establishment of modern, precise and high quality statistical databases and frameworks that is not only capable of providing comprehensive, reliable and updated statistical data but can also be used, by administrative sources, as basis for the framework of the sampling processes for family and economic surveys in the future. The census project will also provide data that serves Abu Dhabi's strategy to achieve sustainable development in all fields.

The Committee took this opportunity to invite all families and individuals in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to realize the importance of cooperating with the representatives of the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi and to provide them with accurate information so that the results can be of service to the comprehensive development plans and programs in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, provided that the Centre guarantees full confidentiality of the information.
Emphasizing the importance of teamwork and coordination, Qubaisi Al briefed the Advisory Committee members on the service level agreements that have been signed between the Centres and certain bodies and departments. He also informed them about the course of discussions with other departments and agencies regarding the signing of more agreements so that the total number of service level agreements would amount up to the 22 agreements.
On the other hand, members of the Advisory Committee asserted their enthusiasm to provide the Centre with the proposals of their constituencies with regard to all matters relating to the development of statistical data as soon as possible. Their commitment stems from the Centre's keenness on building bridges with its strategic partners to identify the statistical needs of their different sectors so as to support their respective development plans aimed at achieving Abu Dhabi's Vision 2030.
Qubaisi further asserted that the number of statistical releases and reports has increased significantly in the previous period, including the Statistical Yearbook for 2010, "Abu Dhabi in Figures" and environmental, agricultural, demographic, labor, energy, education and health bulletins and indicators, in addition to the monthly consumer price index and the index for building materials and others. He pointed to the launch of the Centre's portal which has been updated in order to make it more accessible to and useful for all visitors.
At the conclusion of the meeting, Qubaisi answered questions from the members of the committee regarding a number of issues, stressing the aspiration of Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi to establish fruitful cooperation with all its strategic partners. He looked forward to future meetings with the members of the Advisory Committee and emphasized the value of their communication and support for the Center through providing it with the latest data in their sectors. Thus, giving the Centre's expert a chance to analyze and reshape the data for the uses of decision-makers, investors and researchers.

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