Saturday, March 19, 2011

DM sets environmental requirements for dangerous goods storage

Dubai Municipality has recently updated the environmental requirements for the storage of dangerous goods inside the industrial establishments, companies and warehouses, registered in the Emirate of Dubai.
Eng. Abdul Salam Mohammed Saleh, Head of Environment Monitoring Section of the Environment Department said that these establishments should comply with the requirements contained in the legislation issued in respect of the storage of dangerous goods and chemicals mentioned in the Local Order No.6 of 1991 on "Systems to protect the environment in the Emirate of Dubai" and " Practice Guide on the Management of Dangerous Goods in the Emirate of Dubai" and technical guidance related to the subject of the storage and handling of dangerous goods issued by the Environment Department of Dubai Municipality. 
In this context, any company, facility or warehouse that stores dangerous goods or chemicals in quantities listed in the Practice Guide, are required to obtain the permit for "storage of dangerous goods," issued by the Environmental Monitoring Section at Dubai Municipality.
It is worth mentioning that, by the efforts of the Municipality in 2010, the number of permits for storage of dangerous goods has increased to 73 permits compared to 17 permits issued in 2009 (more than 300% increase)
He said that in case of non-compliance by the establishments, the Municipality will take legal action including imposition of fines and disconnection of services, which could reach to the closure of the company / facility / warehouse and shut down the activity. 

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