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DEWA honors winners of coveted Best Consumer Awards

Announcing top savings for energy consumption in the residential sector and cash rewards totaling 39,000 Dirham’s
Dubai 12th March 2011: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, DEWA, has honored the winners of the coveted Best Consumer Awards, in the residential sector, at a ceremony held in the SmarTech zone at the WETEX exhibition on Thursday 10th March 2011, with cash prizes totaling 39,000 Dirhams.
The Authority also announced that the 2010-2011 awards obtained the highest number of participants registering to take part in the competition with 3,970 entrants confirming their commitment to conserve on utilities. This figure amounted to a 137% rise on the 2009 participation levels and resulted in an overall increase on utility savings in financial terms from 2009 figures by 162% to reach an impressive 5,936,592 Dirhams worth of energy savings generated from the Best Consumer Awards.  
During the ceremony, led by Amal Koshak, Senior Manager Demand & Tariff Management, DEWA recognized the top thirteen consumers from the residential sector for their commitment to reducing utility consumption. Scooping the top prize of 10,000 Dirham’s was Dr. Mohammed Parveen Bhanu whose concentrated efforts to conserve resources achieved a staggering 63% saving on electricity, a 43% saving on water and a total net saving on utility consumption of 62%.
Commenting on the awards HE Saeed Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of DEWA, said; “With utility consumption rates in Dubai higher than in most other countries in the world, DEWA has developed a world-class conservation programme to educate and engage the Dubai community in initiatives that encourage people to save on utility consumption. The success of the Best Consumer Awards is evidence that to secure a sustainable future for the Emirate we must all make changes in our daily consumption habits by rationally using electricity and water.” 
The 2010-2011 Best Consumer Awards, now in its seventh year, are part of DEWA’s wider energy conservation strategy that includes schools, hotels, Dubai government departments, and the commercial and industrial sectors.
Announcing the Best Consumer Awards’ winners at the DEWA stand Amal Koshak said; “I am thrilled to be able to reward and recognize resident’s commitment to reducing their utility consumption. This year we have seen a tremendous rise in the interest in the Best Consumer Awards and the top savings on utilities have been achieved. The thirteen winners have made remarkable savings, and I would ask every resident in the Emirate to try to do the same by taking simple everyday steps such as taking a shower instead of a bath or changing lights to energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs this way we can all make conservation a natural feature in our lives and collectively build a better tomorrow.”
Second place in the Best Consumer Awards went to Yousef Hanafi Mohammed Aly El Sabaa who received 5,000 Dirham’s and conserved a total net saving of 61% on utility consumption and in third place Ramesh Krishna Bhandari was awarded 4,000 Dirhams for achieving a total net saving of 60%. The remaining 10 winners all received 2,000 Dirhams.
In total the Best Consumer Awards 2010-2011 saved 9,053,202 (kWh) of electricity, 92,018,046 (IG) of water and 5,431 CO2 Ton of emissions, the equivalent to 251,478 number of CFL lamps and 6,171 trees.
For people wishing to enter the 2011-2012 competition, please visit where they can submit an application for on-line. Alternatively, residents can call DEWA customer service team on 04 6019999.

Photo Caption: Amal Koshak, Senior Manager Demand & Tariff Management, DEWA (third from the right back row) with winners of the Best Consumer Award 2010-2011. First place left of Mrs. Amal Koshak, Dr. Mohammed Parveen Bhanu accompanied by her husband and second place, to the right of Amal Koshak, Yousef Hanafi Mohammed Aly El Sabaa. 
Winner information: Dr. Mohammed Parveen Bhanu is a gynecologist at Al Wasl Hospital. “We learnt a lot about conservation from our two children, aged 9 and 13 years and took many steps to conserve energy in our home including ensuring the A/C was turned to 26 and using fan to cool the room, we only used the washing machine when necessary and with a full load and we even replanted our garden with water-saving pants such as bamboo. I have a large network of friends and will be encouraging all of them to participate in the Best Consumer Award this year along with our family.”
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DEWA was established in 1992 following the merger of Dubai Electric Company and the Dubai Water Department which had both been operating independently since 1959. Today, DEWA has a workforce of over 8,000 employees each striving to deliver the highest standards of services with consistency and reliability.
In line with its vision, and in keeping pace with international developments in technology, DEWA became one of the first local authorities to be completely e-enabled. Its website reflects the organization’s ongoing efforts to communicate effectively with its customers and to provide eGovernment services and up-to-date information for online users.
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