Thursday, March 10, 2011


Named after the famous quarter of Paris that is synonymous worldwide with elegance, luxury and prestige, SAINT HONORE continues to assert its influence in the world of fashion and jewellery with the launch of the unique Coloseo. The watch combines Swiss-made precision and accuracy with Parisian chic and style.

No question about it, the Coloseo model goes well with all styles and SAINT HONORE plays this trump card subtly by trimming the beauty with poetic notes.

The new Coloseo "Flower" asserts its personality - a touch of glamour, a slight trend towards sober - and celebrates the original marriage of the restrained steel and diamonds and fantastic colourful flowers and dials. Here time is synonymous with creativity and poetry.

This already sought-after model exudes a certain class: particularly successful lines combined with purely watchmaking details like the crown's black onyx cabochon.

New highly-polished, varnished leather straps harmonise with the dials (or dial colours), adding a glamorous note to this new collection.

Faithful to ils tradition of innovation, the stunning new SAINT HONORE watch would be the perfect choice for the most discerning of customers.

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