Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Space galore! The new Mercedes-Benz Viano

·    Chassis: the very highest standard of ride comfort and driving safety
·    Interior: upgraded appointments, ultra-quiet travel
·    Exterior: the Viano's new look at front and rear
From family car to executive taxi, from corporate company coach to tourer; the Mercedes-Benz Viano leads its class, defining the new benchmark for large-capacity shuttles. The new Viano offers the trademark comfort of a Mercedes-Benz passenger car with a highly flexible passenger compartment that has multiple seating configurations, with the capacity to accommodate up to eight, including the driver and co-driver seat, plus luggage.
Other attributes that elevate the Viano’s appeal are the new engines and new transmissions, which reduce emissions and fuel consumption while enhancing performance. The new chassis offers the ultimate in ride comfort and driving safety. The cockpit and passenger compartment are more user-friendly and attractively appointed than ever. The Viano is instantly recognisable by its "face", featuring the Mercedes star in the style of the current passenger cars, and a newly designed rear section.
Chassis: the very highest standard of ride comfort and driving safety
The rear-wheel drive has benefited the Mercedes-Benz Viano's driving dynamics and handling ever since the model series was first introduced. The new Viano impresses with a completely new chassis concept. Both the front and rear axles have only their basic construction in common with the previous models. The new chassis defines a new standard in ride comfort and driving safety in the Viano's class. The Viano continues to lead the way, offering an unparalleled high standard of safety and an unmatched scope of assistance systems as part of the standard scope of equipment.
Interior:  upgraded appointments, ultra-quiet travel
The list of innovations featuring in the interior of the new Viano is long, including special treats such as ambient lighting or ingenious details. The host of new features all boil down to added comfort and an even more stylish overall character.
The Viano's cockpit is more attractive than ever, sporting a new shift lever, pushbuttons in the upper control panel of the centre console and an overhead control unit, for example. Numerous new items of equipment enhance the Viano, offering added scope for individualisation and assistance first and foremost for the driver. The standard scope of equipment for the Viano Trend and all models higher in the range now includes a four-spoke multifunction steering wheel with new control buttons and matt chromed spoke trims. The steering wheel and shift lever knob are covered in nappa leather which is particularly pleasant to the touch. A new generation of radios is being introduced into all Viano variants. The optional pre-installation for the Rear Seat Entertainment system provides the basis for information and entertainment for rear passengers. The Viano covers the full spectrum of media wishes, from an entertaining film for the kids to an informative presentation for business associates.
New interior panelling is available as standard in the Viano Trend and Ambiente and as an option in the Viano Fun to enhance the interior's appearance and further enhance the great functionality which is integral to the Viano.  High-quality nappa leather, chrome applications and new surface finishes conjure up a congenial atmosphere on board. The well-conceived ambient lighting system featuring six light sources in the foot well and fibre-optic cables in the handle recesses at the rear forms the core element of the new lighting concept in the Viano.
Noise levels have also come in for close attention. Extensive computer simulations and ongoing monitoring of the results on the actual vehicle have enabled a marked reduction in interior noise levels. The various measures such as additional absorbers, specific reinforcement of the body structure, improved insulation and modified seals provide for ultra-quiet travel.
Exterior: the Viano's new look at front and rear
The exterior of the new Viano also features numerous new highlights, from the radiator grille to the tail lights. The new "face" of the Viano features a yet more striking and distinctive looks, in keeping with the style of the current passenger cars from Mercedes-Benz. New reflector headlamps offset the radiator grille. The daytime driving lights which come as standard are integrated with their own light source in the headlamp housings, together with the fog lamps. The new-generation Viano is optionally available with a combination of Bi-xenon headlamps, LED daytime driving lights, cornering lights, Add-Light system and a headlamp washer system.
The Viano's bumpers also come in a new, upgraded design featuring a honeycomb look at the front, for example. The smooth surface is painted in the vehicle's exterior colour. The new tail lights are positioned on the right and left above the rear bumper. The one-piece lights with an integrated black cover in glass look flank the Viano's rear end.
The central innovation featuring in the latest Viano is a completely new drive offering particularly environmentally friendly operation. The new four-cylinder diesel engines generate a power output of 100 kW (136 hp) in the Viano CDI 2.0 and 120 kW (163 hp) in the Viano CDI 2.2. The Viano 3.5 and its V6 petrol engine rated at 190 kW (258 hp) offers superior power and comfort. Its 3.5 litre petrol engine complies with the Euro 5 emission standard.  Fuel consumption has been reduced once again, accompanied by cuts of up to 15 percent in CO2 emissions, depending on the engine variant. This innovative package is not to be found in any other large-capacity shuttle.
The fully automated electro hydraulic five-speed transmission is standard for the V6 petrol and optional for the 4-cylinder diesel engines. It offers smooth shifting and a well spaced gear ratio spread for optimum performance and enables low fuel consumption and emission levels. 

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