Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DM signs partnership agreement Youth & Sports Welfare Authority

Dubai Municipality and the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare (GAYSW) on Tuesday signed a partnership agreement for mutual cooperation in various fields. Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality signed the agreement for the Municipality while GAYSW was represented by its Secretary General, Ibrahim Abdul Malik. Assistants to the Director General and other senior officials of the Municipality were also present on the occasion.

The move is in implementation of the directives of the government in its strategy calling for the activation of partnership relations among different establishments in the country to ensure their application in accordance with the vision and objectives by all such establishments to provide excellent social services based on the principle of participation and cooperation to guarantee progress and prosperity to them.

Lootah said the agreement aims to establish special relations between the two sides and enhance mutual understanding, exchange of ideas, possibilities and individuals between the two departments. It also aims to foster technical and technological cooperation between both sides.

He added that the Municipality has always been keen to support and strengthen the inter-departmental relations and achieve common interests.

Through the agreement both the sides aim to achieve the country's strategy, vision and general objectives relating to social welfare, and consolidate the national identity and instil the values ​​of loyalty and belonging.

The agreement also aims to improve the concepts of social inclusion, cooperation, participation and solidarity, as well as integration of roles in some joint programmes to ensure comprehensive care of youth and their advancement, dissemination of sports culture and its importance and its impact on public health and the promotion of sports in general.

According to the agreement, both sides will make concerted efforts to provide community services and achieve the aspirations of the government, and improve corporate development and excellence in performance and quality of services.

As per the agreement both parties shall jointly conduct studies on the needs for infrastructure and its provision to the service sectors of youth and sports. Both will cooperate in the implementation of projects for the youth and sports sector according to highest technical specifications, coordinate in the field of environmental protection, exchange experiences.

Both parties will execute joint programmes to raise awareness of the importance of women's sports and ways to improve them. They will also support the efforts for the care of the disabled and find ways to provide better services to them.

In addition to that the Municipality and GAYSW will cooperate in the field of information technology and its uses, and the exchange best practices and experiences in the field of media and public relations, and participate in training programmes, workshops, conferences and various seminars carried out by both the parties, and exchange experiences in strategic planning and corporate excellence in the field of sports and youth welfare, and cooperate in enhancing the work, programmes and activities in childcare, and exchange information, data, statistics and studies in the areas of youth and sports.

A coordinator each will be selected by both the parties to follow up and implement the overall objectives of the partnership agreement and assess the performance of services exchanged between the parties and find solutions to any obstacles encountered in the implementation and propose plans to activate the partnership.

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