Wednesday, March 23, 2011


For Admirers of the Truly Unique

Montblanc is offering a unique service for "bespoke" pieces for all product categories - writing instruments, watches, jewellery and leather accessories. From now on, Montblanc clients will be able to design their very own, individualised Montblanc piece made by the craftsmen of the Montblanc Artisan Atelier in Hamburg, the Montblanc watches workshops in Le Locle and Villeret, the Montblanc Leather Manufacture in Florence and the new Montblanc jewellery home at Europeʼs largest Flagship store in Rue de la Paix in Paris. According to the ownerʼs personal whishes in design and choice of material, the work is crafted with utmost care and precision and in all respects a masterpiece exercise in quality. These "one-of-a-kind" pieces may feature special shapes, luxurious jewellery as well as a personal sense of wit and style reflecting the varied nature of the individual character of their future owners.

From the very beginning the Montblanc client takes part in the concept development of his personal, Montblanc luxury good. And, to be able to be part of every stage of this very special experience, clients may follow every step of the creative process via webcam, completely independent from time or location. However, for most of these clients the journey to the final results is the most enjoyable part and they love to personally come to the Montblanc ateliers as often as possible switching off their blackberries and mobile phones fully indulging in the creative process. It happens that some clients bring exceptional material that stands for a special personal meaning and that they want the Montblanc craftmen to include in their very own “bespoke piece”. This can mean a bunch of stones or other ʻchallengingʼ material for which the Montblanc craftmen are then creating special solutions in collaboration with the clients. This extraordinary experience is what these Montblanc clients enjoy the most and this is why they appreciate this time they spend there and working together with the Montblanc craftmen so much.

Moreover, these “bespoke” masterpieces are, in the truest sense of the word, unique and precious examples of most sophisticated craftsmanship. Possessors of such an unusual work of art have the guarantee that there will be only one writing instrument, watch or jewellery piece like theirs worldwide. 

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