Monday, March 7, 2011

Modula-conceptio presents the Artistic Flooring Solutions with artist Mino Longo

 Italian artist scheduled to visit Dubai to demonstrate the techniques in resin flooring-

Dubai, UAE, 6th March 2011 – Modula- conceptio, Dubai based contemporary interior boutique amalgamating unique styles of design from around the world, is set to welcome art flooring master, Mino Longo to showcase the techniques used in resin flooring. A hand crafted process that requires years of mastery , Mino Longo brings years of experience in the application of seamless resin products and flooring systems designed to meet the exacting demands of today's commercial, retail and residential  requirements. Be it cool subtle shades, bright vibrant colours, pearlescent effects or something with a touch of glitter, Mino Longo brings the dynamics of art flooring with energy to the region.

An Italian artist from Milan school of art, Mino Longo discovered the medium to express his artistry in 1995. He has dedicated over 15 years working with Resin and creating new and innovative ways of decorating floors, walls, panels, tabletops, stairs and more. A pioneer in using Resin for artistic décor flooring, Mino Longo is the most renowned artist in this field. Having worked in several commercial and private projects, Mino Longo works are famous throughout Europe, Dubai and the Middle East.

Unique to Modula-conceptio is their ability to provide timeless and iconic brands that always adapt to modern dynamics and change, keeping the dying traditions of quality HAND produced art. The Modula-conception approach is to offer design solutions that give life to ideas and expressions. Whether its flooring, furniture or lighting, each item at Modula-conceptio possesses its own well-defined characteristics, and boasts a shape that is simple yet complex, contemporary yet timeless, and always luxurious.

“At Modula-conceptio, we don’t just provide interior solutions, we believe that each piece has to reflect the creativity and the individuality of the client; our brand partners offer this essence of art and life moulded into every item making them unique. Art flooring has been one of the artistic offering at Modula-conceptio and having Mino here, demonstrates our commitment to provide a merger of art and interiors. We have worked with Mino for a long time and he amazes us every time with his injection of creativity and translates that on to Resin and I think this is really an opportunity for others to experience his skills one on one” said Sabina Sinha, Modula-conceptio.

Modula-conceptio plays a key role in fulfilling the brand’s mission of offering the very best of interior design solutions to a market that is constantly redefining its impeccable standards of quality and design. Standing apart from today’s trends of mass-produced machine made solutions, Modula-conceptio’s hand crafted collections invoke individuality and the ability to customize interiors to reflect each ones personality.

About Modula
Modula-conceptio is a contemporary boutique based in Dubai, amalgamating unique styles of design from around the world, particularly Italy. The products range from seamless, hand crafted resin flooring to Murano glass lighting and furniture and art. Under the umbrella of Vogue International, Modula-conceptio was launched 6 years ago and specializes in interiors, with projects and clientele extending to Egypt, Syria, Kuwait and the surrounding GCC and MENA region. Modula-conceptio Trading -Tel: + 9714 3943002, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai.