Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ENOC focuses on care for elderly on ‘International Day of Older Persons’; Campaign held in partnership with Community Development Authority

Dubai, October 7, 2009: As part of its ongoing commitment to undertake meaningful initiatives that add to strengthening the social fabric, ENOC, in partnership with the Community Development Authority (CDA), is raising awareness on the importance of caring for the elderly through the ‘International Day of Older Persons,’ a week-long campaign to be held until October 8, 2009.

ENOC is displaying posters and banners, across its service stations, aimed at improving all issues that affect older people, such as public facilities and senior homes as well as the creation of laws and upholding the rights of elderly persons to live in dignity and respect.

Saeed Abdullah Khoory, ENOC Group Chief Executive said: “We are what we are today because of our parents and elders. Older people have always been an important part of our lives, and taking care of them is part of our values and religious teachings. This campaign commemorates the invaluable contribution that they have made for all of us, encourages and teaches us how to take care of them, and reminds us of our traditions. “

Sheikh Maktoum Butti Al Maktoum, CEO – Social Care, said: “The society benefits enormously from the presence and participation of the elderly. Taking care of them is part of our strategy and we have set up a specialised department to look at different ways of enhancing their lives and better integrating them into society. We partnered with ENOC as they share the same sense of responsibly towards the community and will help us reach our desired results.”

ENOC has raised awareness about several social issues in the past, such as blood donation, charity, educating less fortunate youngsters, and continues to partner with public and semi-private organisations to educate the public on relevant issues.
About ENOC:

Established in 1993 as a wholly-owned company of the Government of Dubai, ENOC aims to promote the interests of its shareholders through the development of further downstream and upstream activities in the oil and gas sector and beyond, and to encourage the economic diversification of Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

ENOC’s vision is to be a leading regional integrated oil & gas group that is highly profitable and socially responsible towards employees, the community and environment. Driving this vision, ENOC is committed to achieving sustainable development and highly profitable growth and serving the growing energy needs of Dubai.

ENOC strives to attract, develop and retain top talent to become the employer of choice, while adopting latest technologies and implementing best practices to achieve world-class performance. ENOC is also focused on meeting and exceeding customer expectations in terms of quality and service, and in maintaining high industry standards with respect to environment, health and safety.

ENOC actively participates in an increasingly broad range of business ventures. Its joint ventures with major international companies allow partners to pool their technology, know-how and expertise along with their resources to further their commercial success.

Since its inception, ENOC has been guided by its philosophy of quality and professional management based on modern business concepts for commercial success and sustainable growth. Today it is poised to engineer a new and challenging period of growth and diversity.

About Community Development Authority (CDA):

The CDA is a government entity mandated with enhancing the social development in Dubai to achieve the Dubai strategic plan 2015 which was announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum on February 2007.

The CDA will work towards promoting and raising the social standards in Dubai, and increasing the role of citizens in the community by cooperating with concerned entities in order to achieve the goals of the development sector and to develop the basic structure necessary for this.

The CDA will work on setting up the necessary policies and standards pertaining to social services providers based on its five strategic goals including promotion of national identity, social protection, social inclusion, social empowerment, and social cohesion in Dubai.

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