Thursday, October 15, 2009

DM carries out maintenance of Dubai Ladies Club

The General Maintenance Department at Dubai Municipality has recently started developmental work at Dubai Ladies Club with a view to upgrading and landscaping of the club facilities, including replacement of all such old wooden floors corridors in the yard outside of the club and paving them.

Mr. Juma Al Fuqae Director of General Maintenance Department at the Municipality explained that the project comes within its plans to provide unique services to various segments of the public in the Emirate of Dubai.
He said the maintenance will be carried out in accordance with geometric designs and colours selected commensurate with the surrounding environment. Previously the General Maintenance Department had carried out many of the developmental work for the club, including the construction of a swimming pool according to the best specifications, in addition to providing many services such as the establishment of additional warehouses, sauna, renovating the main fountain at the entrance of the club, and providing temporary first-aid centre in the club, and other works.
Fuqae said these procedures aim to maintain the activities of the club in the best operational condition and a healthy environment and appropriate for all high-end club-goers.

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