Sunday, October 11, 2009

DM forms emergency and crisis team

Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality issued an administrative decision to form a permanent team called the "Emergency and Crisis Team in the Dubai Municipality." The move is part of strengthening the leading role of the Municipality in creating an organizational emergency system of high efficiency and readiness for crisis situations and disasters.
According to the decision, Redha Salman, Director of Public Health and Safety Department will be the chairman of the Committee, Sultan Essa Al Suwaidi, Head of Public Safety Section in the Public Health and Safety Department will be the Vice-Chairman and employees from various departments and sectors of the Municipality will be members of the team.
The administrative decision states that in order to fulfill the tasks entrusted to it under this decision it deems appropriate for the team to include the use of experienced and competent staff, whether in or outside the Municipality, as well as coordination with other relevant government departments and public bodies and establishments.
The Team shall discuss the requirements of an emergency system and plan for Dubai Municipality; review the system periodically in order to develop, modernize and improve it; discuss and identify problems and internal and external constraints and develop appropriate solutions for the application of the emergency system; take critical and important decisions related to the system and formulate a corporate plan to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency in responding to crisis situations and disasters.
The Team is also entrusted with the task of examining developmental proposals to raise the efficiency of emergency response system; providing a special operations room equipped with the latest technologies as per the best of experiences and practices; coordinating with the Dubai and the UAE level emergency teams as well as emergencies and disasters committees; participating in mock drills and meeting the requirements for the preparation of evacuation plans, shelter and displacement, and facing crisis and disasters.
The team is also entrusted with preparing the necessary reports for response situations, constraints and accomplished tasks; propose recommendations for presentation to the senior leadership team in the Municipality; conduct field visits to the departments and work sites belonging to the Municipality or to the public and private departments, establishments, bodies, both for the purpose of evaluation or to share best practices in preparing and responding to situations of emergencies, crises and disasters.
The members of the team and representatives of the organizational units concerned are vested with the responsibility of applying the emergency system in the Municipality; the task of coordination and follow up with the organizational units, whether units under them or the units concerned with the implementation of joint tasks to ensure effective and efficient application of the system; ensure that they identify the potential risks at the level of all organizational units concerned; classify them by their type; identify the probability of the occurrence of incidents, the impacts resulting from them and the priority of dealing with them; develop plans and programmes to deal with them and assess their readiness to respond to crises and disasters. Awareness programmes and training courses on the requirements of the application of the system would be held for the employees of the organizational units as and when needed. In addition , there would be corrective actions and follow-up with the organizational units concerned with the application of the system; coordination, effective participation and field follow-up to implement all system requirements and to identify the status of devices and equipment for responding to crises and disasters, and make sure that the organizational units implement decisions taken by the team in relation to the system, and take the necessary measures for its improvement and development

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