Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DM intensifies awareness campaign for pet owners

The Veterinary Services Section of Dubai Municipality is spreading its awareness campaign on laws related to pet owners to all areas of the Emirate of Dubai. The section had started the campaign in May 2009 and will continue until the end of December this year.
Hashem Al Awadhi, Head of Veterinary Services Section said that the goal of the campaign is to educate pet owners on the local laws as they must register and vaccinate animals against common diseases, should purchase animals or birds only from places certified by Dubai Municipality and carry health certificates, vaccination records and a CITES certificate if the animals were among the endangered species.
He also noted that the first phase of the campaign was in Jumeirah and the response of pet powers was good. "The campaign, which received a tremendous response from pet owners, made them aware of the laws of animal welfare and the list of violations that will be implemented by the Veterinary Services Section after the end of the campaign," said Al Awadhi.
The Section has issued laws and regulations for dog owners on the registration and immunization of their animals, as the dog owner is responsible first and foremost for the actions of his animal during the time it is tamed and taken up for stay at home, and if it was given to another person, the new owner bears all the legal consequences with the need to commit to using the appropriate neck belt, masks, and who does not abide the rules is going to be fined Dh200, and in case of repetition the fine will become Dh400.

In case of taking those dogs to parks, beaches, entertainment venues and shopping malls and prohibited places the owners will be fined Dh200, and in case of repetition the dog will be seized and the owner will have to pay Dh500 as fine.

Necessary measures should be taken to prevent animal exposure to any person or damaging properties of others and in the case of travelling outside the country the animal must be put in a place where the basic requirements are available for the care and welfare of the animal.

The owners must remove the waste of the animal and place them in a plastic bag during its taming, and the dog owner is responsible if his animal is loose or missing, and the owner should register the dog, and in all the previous cases if the pet owners made any violations, the offenders will have to pay fines and their animals will be seized.

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