Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DM launches breast cancer awareness campaign for staff

Dubai Municipality on Tuesday launched a breast cancer awareness campaign for its employees in coordination with the Dubai Health Authority. The campaign, organized at the Municipality main building, is aimed at educating the female employees of the Municipality on the diseases of cancer, its methods of treatment, ways of prevention, healthy foods appropriate for patients with tumours, the extent of effectiveness of healthy food and its impact on the body along with an explanation on the methods of self-examination.
Fahima Ali Saber, Head of the Public Relations and Protocol Unit in the Corporate Marketing and Relations Department at Dubai Municipality said that the campaign was a result of the Municipality's keenness on the health and safety of its staff, particularly female employees.
The campaign included several activities designed to increase awareness on breast cancer. Educational workshops were held that gave adequate information about the disease, particularly by highlighting the importance of self-examination, which contributes to the early detection of the disease. This was done through the presentations using models. Campaign brochures on self-examination steps and other educational materials were also distributed.
The lecture, held as part of the campaign, shed light on the types of cancers in general, especially breast cancer, its symptoms, genetic factors, type of food, daily life styles and ways of prevention.
Sabir, said the success rates are better if the disease is detected in the early stage than discovered in the late stage. "This month has been selected to launch the campaign because it is the month of global awareness and early detection of breast cancer."

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