Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DM test drives first electric car

Dubai Municipality has started test driving the first environmentally friendly car run on electric power. The car called REVA, licensed to SS Lootah Company, has been gifted to the Municipality for three days for the employees of the civic body to test drive the vehicle and familiarize with this type of environmentally friendly cars.

The car has been parked at the entrance of the main building of the Municipality as part of the civic body's endeavor to spread awareness on environmental conservation and cooperation with its strategic partners.
The project named the "Green Car Programme" comes as part of its efforts to achieve the vision of Dubai to reduce all elements of pollution caused by cars and encourage people to use clean energy in addition to enjoy other benefits offered by this car such as safety and calmness during its driving in addition to the material savings as its cost fits people from every strata of the society.
REVA, which was launched in the city of Bangalore, India in 2001, works on electric power using batteries. Once fully charged, it can run up to about 80kms. The time for full charge is eight hours, and eighty percent could be achieved in no more than two hours and half with the use of any electrical source. The car can run up to 80 km/hr. REVA is also much quieter than the conventional car with minimized local noise pollution. It is a safe, light-weight car with full comfort because it is small in size this will allow easy movement on the roads and do not face problems in finding a parking.

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