Thursday, October 22, 2009

Secure Remote Access for businesses now becomes easy with Etisalat’s Managed SSL VPN service

Dubai, October 22,2009: At Gitex Technology Week 2009, Etisalat today announced that it was demonstrating its Managed SSL VPN (Virtual Private Network) service which will provide a secure remote access service for end-users with easy access to the corporate/office LAN network from a standard Internet connection. The service is ideal for remote users who need to retrieve email and access corporate resources and applications or for executives who need to use web-based Intranet applications from public PCs. Companies will be able to deploy scalable, cost-effective remote access solutions based on Juniper Networks market-leading SA Series SSL VPN appliances..

The use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is ideal for remote access because an SSL VPN only requires Internet access through a standard browser and a corporate username and password for full authorized access to any resources on a corporate LAN. This means that a user can use any available device to gain secure access, not just their own device.

“Our Managed SSL VPN service provides a perfect fit for companies looking to provide the right balance of access control, security and overall user acceptance,” said Abdulla Hashim, Sr. VP, Business Solutions, Etisalat. “With this new service, we can enable companies to easily and securely extend their corporate environments in a flexible manner to all types of users without the support issues and expenses of investing in their own infrastructure.”

The service can be used with any kind of Internet connection starting from a dial-up, mobile device, cable, wireless and all the way to a corporate LAN. It’s very simple to set up and can be fully integrated into a company’s network environment with monitoring and reporting. For growing businesses, the service is ideal for remote access because of its scalable nature with the added benefit of no major capital investment. The service also features internationally accepted industry security standards to safeguard user data.

Etisalat will offer 4 levels of subscription based on numbers of registered remote users to satisfy different market requirements and starts with 5 (minimum) registered users.

This latest initiative is in line with Etisalat’s commitment to provide the most advanced technology solutions. Globally, SSL VPNs are a popular means to provide remote access in customer environments. Granular access control is one of SSL VPN’s most compelling characteristics, depending on the underlying technology. High-performance SSL VPNs can custom-tailor each remote worker’s access to individual applications and corporate resources, and a health-check of the device made before and during each session (for example, an end-user’s anti-virus scanner can be checked for the most up-to-date signatures before access is granted). Different access rights can also be granted to different end-users (or even different rights for the same end-user, depending on the device being used and the resources being accessed) and companies can limit what users have access, all of which makes it easier for companies to comply with corporate security policies.

For more information, customers can call their Etisalat Account Manager.

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