Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Polish skating artist puts a smile on little faces at Festival@ The Dubai Mall

Dubai, UAE; May 12, 2009: Bartosz Krygiel, a student pilot from Poland and a skating artist at heart, is enjoying his time in Dubai entertaining children at the Festival@The Dubai Mall, the month long festival which has added a colourful tinge to Dubai’s summer.

Bartosz learned skating as a child and has been a professional skater for the last three years. He is a member of the Warsaw city skating team and has taken part in roller skating and figure skating championships.

“In Poland, skating is very common, we skate in all weather. It is great exercise and an environment friendly way to get around. Skating is a national pastime for us and there are many competitions to encourage skating enthusiasts. Hopefully, we should see more skating activities in Dubai soon; there is definitely great enthusiasm for it.”

A first time visitor to the emirate, Bartosz is intrigued by the magnificent buildings, highways and pristine beaches in Dubai.

“I have never seen anything like this city, it amazes me. When I received the invitation to take part in Festival@The Dubai Mall, I was intrigued by the opportunity to visit Dubai, so I called up the organisers and here I am entertaining the little children and other visitors to the festival.“

Bartosz and his colleagues perform the ‘Comic Roller Action’ in The Dubai Mall every week during the festival. They dress as comic characters and skate around the mall entertaining children and families with their funny tricks.

“So far I have enjoyed my time here; the children seem fascinated by figures on skates,” Bartosz added.

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