Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lootah urges DM leadership to have transparency in work

Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, met with the senior leadership team in the municipality to address a number of issues and initiatives of the sectors of the civic body. He also reviewed the work proceedings and discussed some matters pertaining to the overall performance of the Municipality.
Eng. Lootah stressed the importance of transparency in the work and dealing with customers and simplifying of procedures which will lead to increased productivity and reduced time to complete transactions.
He also urged the leaders to review the productivity of their departments during the previous period of the year and work to avoid the shortcomings and implement rotation of employees, which would lead to the creation of new ideas, stressing the importance of creativity in work and applying scientific approach and new ideas that help speed up delivery.
Lootah also stressed the importance of communication and cooperation between departments and sectors in the municipality to ensure the quality of work and achieve the goals and strategies pursued by the civic body and focus on the vision set by it.
He also called upon the municipality leadership team to strengthen the relations between them in a way it reflects in the work and keeps pace with developments and future goals of the city.
During the meeting, the Director General was briefed on the human resources strategy for 2009 by the Human Resources Department, which also presented a summary report on the results of the implementation of the Individual Performance System. The Finance Department presented the results of the first quarter of the budget for 2009. The Corporate Excellence Department presented the sub-criteria on the personal involvement of leaders in the development, application and modernization of the systems of work for the implementation of the shortcomings of the departments that cooperate with them.

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