Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Giordano recognised as Best Service Performance Brand for excellence in customer care

Dubai, UAE, May 27, 2009: Having been recognized for its high standards of service, Giordano Fashions LLC was awarded Best Service Performance Brand by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, as part of the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme.

Representing ETA Group and accepting the award on behalf of Giordano Fashions LLC, Ahmed Salahuddin, Director, ETA Group, said, “Service has always been top priority for our operations, both in-store and back office, which adds to our customers’ overall experience and most importantly, their perception of the brand. We are constantly improving on our existing services and store facilities, reinventing ways to enhance Giordano’s interaction with its customers. Building a relationship with the customer is key, as every satisfied customer is a Giordano brand ambassador.”

In line with their 2009 strategy, Giordano continues to focus on delivering a brand complemented by high quality service, offering the customer an enjoyable and comfortable shopping experience.

Since 1993, Giordano has rapidly expanded in the Middle East and India. With a current store count of 205, the company has exceeded their goal of 200 stores by 2010. Giordano opened 24 stores during the last six months further strengthening their presence in the region.

“Our goal is to continue to branch out into new locations, making our stores more accessible to customers. We have opened stores in most of the new shopping malls across the Emirates, including our flagship store of over 4,000 square feet at The Dubai Mall, putting us at key locations,” said Ishwar Chugani, Executive Director, Giordano Fashions LLC.

The company also has aggressive plans to expand within Saudi Arabia, with five new stores opening in 2009, one in Makkah, Madinah and Al Khobar, and two in Jeddah.

Globally, Giordano operates over 2,000 stores across 40 countries, and in 2008, the brand entered Mauritius and Azerbaijan, adding two more countries in the MENA region. In India, Giordano opened three more stores and five in-store counters, taking the total number to 16 since the launch of their first store in 2006.

During 2009, Giordano’s strategy will be to keep abreast with the changing trends in consumer fashion and the customer’s current needs, therefore building on the principles that have helped the company sustain growth.

Commenting on the new direction, Chugani said, “Over the years, Giordano has earned the respect and trust of its customers who demand quality, good value and excellent customer service, even more now. Our strengths lie in our ability to deliver the essentials that are timeless and relevant whatever the season. This year, we have identified our customers’ needs and are realigning our priorities to mirror those of our customers. We are going back to basics.”

Giordano is committed to making a positive impact on the community, following the principle of “doing well by doing good” through community involvement and environment protection. Earlier this year, Giordano announced a global program to convert all the stores to use energy saving lighting by July 2011. “In 2008, a large percentage of stores were converted and the results were encouraging, reflecting a reduction of approximately 318 tons in CO2 emission a year. This proves that even the smallest of efforts can make a big impact,” said Chugani.

Focused on supporting its staff, Giordano believes that the success of the organization depends on the contribution of its people. During these challenging times, Giordano has reviewed costs and optimized efficiency in the organisation’s practices to ensure staff security and stability. Giordano supports its staff’s personal and professional development, encouraging staff to grow within the organization.

“We are proud of the high retention of staff we have. Almost all the senior management members have been with us since inception,” concluded Chugani.

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