Monday, May 25, 2009

DM holds Bio-diversity exhibition

Eng. Salem Mesmar, Assistant Director General of Dubai Municipality for Health, Safety and Environment Monitoring Sector on Sunday organized an exhibition to mark the World Biodiversity Day at the Municipality headquarters.

The event was held in collaboration with the Department of Parks and Recreational Facilities in the municipality of the western region - Liwa and the Natural History Museum, Sharjah on the occasion of the 22nd National Environment Day 2009.

Mr. Mesmar stressed on the importance of concerted efforts and cooperation among the national institutions in raising awareness on various environmental and health matters, pointing out that unity and cooperation is in itself a success for the event.

He said the municipality has made it a practice to observe this occasion each year due to its keenness to participate in national events in the area the preservation of the environment, but the participation this year was distinguished by the cooperation between different bodies.
He added that the exhibition aimed to familiarize staff and visitors to the marine environment, traditional ways of fishing, role of old generation in the preservation of the marine environment, increase public awareness on issues involved in the protection of coastal environment undertaken by the municipality, introducing and encouraging public to participate in environmental events.

"From this standpoint, the Municipality, on the National Environment Day, calls to respect the national environmental issues and to think with a sense of responsibility in all actions undertaken by each of us, for the shared values of preserving the land, and that too with a firm resolve and strong confidence," said Mesmar.
He pointed out that the Municipality is working to coordinate with all concerned on environmental issues in and outside the emirate and to succeed in the efforts to protect the environment and also development on a sound basis to ensure maintenance of a sound environment free of pollution.
The activities and events included an exhibition of organic products by the Department of Parks and Recreational Facilities in the municipality of the western region – Liwa. The highlight of the event was a presentation of products from the model garden, organic crops, samples of the palm weevil insect with a detailed explanation of the gravity of the crops and agricultural products, an electronic presentation on the implementation stages of the project Liwa Model Farm, and distribution of pamphlets and brochures on agricultural pests and the services of the departments of the municipality in the western region.
The exhibition also included activities of the Natural History Museum, Sharjah, which shed light on the domestic ecological system through a presentation of scientific information on certain organisms such as lice, worms, wood dust, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects in both Arabic and English, in addition to a display of many types of preserved insects.

There was also an exhibition of harmful insects by the Pest Control Section of the Public Health Services Department of Dubai Municipality, which included presentation of the types of pests that may pose a risk to human health such as mosquitoes that transmit diseases like malaria, in addition to a presentation on the types of pests that are harmful to human health such as ants, Red Spider, rodents and cockroaches. The event also witnessed distribution of educational leaflets on the public health and pest control methods.

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