Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dubai Municipality organizes 19th blood donation drive

The blood donation drive organized by the Corporate Marketing and Relations Department of Dubai Municipality on Sunday in co-ordination with Al Wasl Hospital of the Department of Health and Medical Services received tremendous response from the employees of the civic body.
Khalid Mohammed Badri, Corporate Marketing and Relations Department, said the drive, under the slogan, "Join Us Today In Donating Blood," was the first in the current year and 19th since 1996, was aimed at assisting efforts of the country’s blood banks to provide blood in emergency and for saving lives.
"Ever since we organized our first blood donation drive for two days in 1996 we have been receiving huge response from our employees. A three-day blood donation camp was organized in 1999 and from 2000 to 2004 we organized a camp each year. However, due to huge response from employees we have been organizing three blood donation camps annually for the last few years," he said.
Badri said email circulars were sent to all employees in different departments to encourage them to participate in the blood donation drive.
He said a list of donors with their blood group was being compiled during the blood donation drive to enhance the efficiency of the blood banks for emergency purposes.
Tests for blood pressure, haemoglobin as well as weight and pulse were also conducted during the drive, said Badri.
He noted that the blood donation drive was also aimed at helping the Thalassaemia affected children, who need regular blood transfusion every three to four weeks.
A special team of doctors and para-medical staff with necessary equipment were available at the reception area of the City Hall at the Municipality for the drive.

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