Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vacant spaces near DM centres available for rent

Dubai Municipality has decided to allow parties to make use of the vacant spaces near Customer
Services with its Centres ,for rent. It was announced by Hussain Nasser lootah , Director General of
Municipality after the civic body passed an administrative resolution regarding this. The new
resolution allows individuals and parties interested to make use of the vacant spaces near
Municipality Customer Centres, to establish advertisement kiosks or stalls for promotional
activities , for an amount of AED 200 per square meter daily.

The new resolution by the civic body comes in accordance with the provisions under the 1997
law No.6 and its amendments regarding contracts of government departments in Dubai. The law
has detailed about the type, purpose, place, duration ,and payments of the contracts for making
use of vacant places .The parties may not be allowed to change purpose, place ,duration of the
business sought as per the contract, at any cost, and should have to strictly abide by the conditions
the law extends.

New resolution also underlines that the parties take over the spaces on contract should have
to abide the other laws and regulations of the municipality as well as those are enforced in the
Emirate of Dubai ,and they will be responsible for any damage of the place or disruption of
Municipality services that may happen as the result of their occupation to the vacant spaces.

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