Monday, December 12, 2011

L&T Mutual Fund Launches “L&T Short Term Debt Fund”

NFO opens on Wednesday, Dec 7th, 2011

NFO closes on Wednesday, Dec 21st, 2011

Mumbai, Dec 7, 2011: L&T Mutual Fund, the asset management arm of L&T Finance
Holdings launched a new debt scheme - “L&T Short Term Debt Fund”, aimed at both retail
and institutional investors.

L&T Short Term Debt Fund is an Open Ended Debt Scheme. The Scheme would invest
between 65% to 100% of its corpus in Debt and Money Market Instruments with residual maturity
upto 24 months, having low risk profile. Further, a maximum of 35% of the corpus of the Scheme
could be invested in Debt Instruments with residual maturity greater than 24 months and less than
60 months having low to medium risk profile. The average maturity of the Portfolio of the Scheme

shall not exceed 3 years.

Commenting on the new fund launch, Mr. Ved Prakash Chaturvedi, Chief Executive - Capital
Markets & Investment Management Group, L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. said, “The fixed
income market seems to be poised at an interesting juncture. Expected trends in interest rates will
provide investors with an opportunity to invest in more actively managed funds. The “L&T Short
Term Debt Fund” is an appropriate fixed income product to benefit in the short term from the
possible change in interest rate scenario in coming quarters.”

The Portfolio of the Scheme could comprise of CD’s, CP’s, government securities, money market
and other debt/ fixed income instruments having shorter term maturity.


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