Thursday, December 29, 2011

UAE, Dubai 22 December 2011: Global Village showcased a spectacular

Taekwondo show to a captivated audience last night. The fabulous show,

which went on for an hour and 10 minutes, was performed by 25 Korean

Taekwondo performers. The show was performed in the Middle East for the

first time last night.

Using highly advanced light and audio technologies, the Taekwondo show

enacted an exciting story about the conflict between good and evil through

the characters of Mars and Terra.

This show is supported by The World Taekwondo Federation in the UAE,

and has been brought to the region for the first time. The Korean Taekwondo

band aims to spread peace and love around the world.

The Taekwondo dancing band has performed in many different regions and

countries, including Europe, Los Angeles, Vietnam, and New York, and will

now stage the show in Dubai, before returning to Europe.

The exciting show uses human feelings and stories, along with music and

light, to communicate the idea in about 70 minutes.

The opening show, performed on Thursday evening, enjoyed tremendous

success, and attracted a high turnout. The success of the show last night is

an indicator for a larger audience this evening. This show comes within the

Spectacular Shows schedule that is presented by Global Village during this


Since its inception in 1997, Global Village has become the key

entertainment and shopping destination in the region. It includes rich diverse

cultures and civilizations, and offers a diverse range of restaurants and shops

from across the world. In fact, Global Village is the main entertainment,

culture and family fun destination in the region.

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