Thursday, December 29, 2011

Measures to control livestock diseases successful: DM

“Dubai Municipality has been successful in providing curative services and preventive
actions to control infectious diseases of animals and to ensure sustainable development
in the live stock sector”.This was stated by Mohamed Yusuf Sheikh, head of Veterinary
Services, Public Health Services Department at Dubai Municipality.

“We had extensive immunization campaigns and preventive actions throughout the year.
Through this we could rise the immunity of our live stock in Dubai and we are at good pace
on our efforts to root out threat of parasites and insects that may risk not only animals but
humans’ also.”

“To know the real value of live stock is essential. it was for this goal municipality organized
counselling and workshops to cattle breeders” he added.

According to Mohamed Yusuf Sheikh, this year 1157 insecticide spray drives was conducted
against ectoparasites with some 760 930 animals including camels, cows and goats.
Vaccination was given to 220255 horses, cows, and goats against infectious and lethal
epidemics. Another 67596 animals were undergone checking to find out risk of brucellosis
disease and out of this 303092 were given proper therapeutic assistance.

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