Thursday, December 29, 2011

Global Village offers 40 fun games to all ages granting them a more exciting time during the event.

UAE, Dubai 28 December 2011: Global Village, member of TECOM
Investment, is always keen to welcome the first minutes of the New
Year and conclude the year with an impressive performance schedule. 45
countries from around the world offer free special shows and arts to Global
Village visitor. In addition, a variety of shopping offers have be compiled
from around the world.

As of today, visitors can enjoy exciting decorations starting from the main
gate, entrance gates, internal lobbies, pavilion facades all of which have
witnessed major changes this year. Visitors can also ride the boats decorated
with dazzling lights in the Global Village lake.

Since the Global Village season began, unique art and cultural events
have captured millions of visitors such as the fabulous Dancing Fountain
and Water Screen displayed for the 1st time the Middle East. In addition
all pavilion s will participate in entertaining folk shows. Furthermore,
fireworks will add more delight and joy greeting the New Year before the
start of the countdown.

The New Year celebrations at Global Village include a festive parade that
will take place on Saturday evening at 11:15PM, starting from Gate 1 to
roam through Global Village and ending next to Wheels of Danger Show
location. It includes rich diverse folk costumes and flags for every pavilion’s
country and will present distinguished entertainment experience to the
audience. Also, the parade will include special shows from the pavilion of
China, Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Morocco, Thailand, Africa, Afghanistan,
India as well as UAE’ folk show.

To further spread joy and happiness, there are several street events awaiting
visitors in more than one location at the Global Village arena. All pavilions
are competing to provide the best shows for visitors, especially for children
interacting with world music.

Shopping offers
Global Village stores will cater to all family needs through a range of
featured products including children’s apparel. Visitors can also enjoy
pavilion restaurants which will offer special cuisines that visitors may
recognize from their own Countries.

Global Village offers 40 fun games to all ages granting them a more
exciting time during the event.

The main aim of the event is for Global Village to blend the borders and give
visitors the chance to gather amongst various cultures and share in the joy
and happiness of the New Year.

Since its inception in 1997, Global Village has become the key
entertainment and shopping destination in the region. It includes rich diverse
cultures and civilizations, and offers a diverse range of restaurants and shops
from across the world. In fact, Global Village is the main entertainment,
culture and family fun destination in the region.

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