Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A fragrance that Smurfs you

Concept Brands launches a special line of perfumes for kids based on the popular comic

Dubai, December 13, 2011: Smurf yourself in the magical world of The Smurfs. The

popular comic characters take your breath away with a new line of perfumes for kids.

Fresh, energetic and vibrant, the fragrances capture the playful youth of children in

a bottle. The Smurf perfumes come in six fragrances following the Smurf characters:

Papa, Smurfette, Grouchy, Gutsy, Clumsy, and Brainy. The product line consists of five

unisex fragrances and one exclusively for girls.

Adding an element of mystery and adventure, The Smurfs perfume bottles are shaped

like potion bottles or elixirs. Available in colours that refer to the Smurfs, the perfumes

are packaged in the shape of cute little milk boxes.

In addition, the range includes six different tin can sets, which are in the shape of a

typical mushroom Smurfs’ house.

Concept Brands Group, the Dubai-headquartered company that brings leading kid’s

brands to the UAE, distributes the Smurf perfumes in the region.

Commenting on the launch of The Smurfs perfumes in the UAE, Mr Vijay Samyani, the

Founder and Managing Director of Concept Brands Group, said, “At Concept Brands, we

are committed to bringing brands from around the world to the UAE at affordable prices.

The Smurfs are extremely popular among kids as well as adults across the globe. The

Smurfs perfumes are all about kids, they are fun, youthful and fresh. The perfumes are

a great way to connect to the energetic world of The Smurfs, and make watching the

cartoons even more fun.”

The Smurfs perfumes have been launched by the First American Brands in 2011. FAB is

one of the fastest growing fragrances design, manufacturer, promotion and distribution

companies in the U.S.

Commenting on the new Smurfs perfumes, Mr. Antonio Lemma, CEO of First American

Brands, says: “We are very excited about these new fragrances and are certain kids will

love them as much as we do. The Smurfs perfumes are wonderfully fresh and exuberate

childlike energy and innocence. The perfumes have been received with an incredible

excitement and enthusiasm across the whole world, and we believe it will be a great

success in the UAE as well.”

The Smurfs perfumes are available at Babyshop, Carrefour and other leading

hypermarkets in the UAE.

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