Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UAE delegation returns from 21st Ship for World Youth programme

An eight-member UAE team that included two employees of Dubai Municipality recently participated in the 21st Ship for World Youth programme organized by the Japanese government in cooperation with the General Authority for Youth Welfare and Sports in the UAE. The voyage that started on 14th January and ended on 3rd March was joined by 264 participants from 15 countries.

The youngsters were sent by the General Authority for Youth Welfare and Sports in the UAE, after selecting them through its department of youth and cultural activities.

The Authority was keen to support the youth, qualifying them and providing them opportunities for becoming young leaders. The trip was also an opportunity for networking and making contacts with the youth of the world in order to build a personality for the youth of the UAE and transfer the civilized image of the youth of the country in all international forums.

The main objective of the Ship for World Youth journey was to engage young people and motivate them for leadership work in an excellent international environment promoting co-existence, interaction, widening mutual understanding and friendship between the youth of the world, in addition to the development of the spirit of cooperation through the establishment of many programmes that promote cultural and social exchange among young people in Japan and the rest of the world. The delegates were selected as per special criteria; the most important among them were general culture, leadership personality and the ability to highlight the positive image of the country.

During the trip to Japan, the UAE youths met with the Japanese Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Japan. After that they left for the Ship for World Youth trip that started its journey from Japan to the Pacific states such as the Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand, during which a number of visits were made to tourist sites such as schools, museums, television stations and other places.

It is worth mention that a number of countries around the world including Egypt, Tonga, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Yemen, Norway, Peru, Venezuela, Fiji Islands, Canada and Japan participated in this programme, in addition to the youths from the UAE.

The 8-member UAE delegation, headed by Rashid Abdullah Al Maftool, included Khalid Zainal Al Zarouni, Ahmad Abdullah Al Emadi, Salim Omar Salim Bajbeer, Mohammed Abdul Hamid Al Askar, Taleb Ali Hassan Al Dhohoori, Omar Saeed Al Nuaimi, Hamad Jassem Al Raisi and Sultan Hassan Al Obaidali.

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